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During the ls of her fame in the '80s and '90s and to some extent, to this very dayMadonna enjoyed a run at the click here as America's leading sex symbol. Intoxicating songs like 'Like a Virgin' and 'Where Life Begins' let all of our minds run wild, thinking about what Madonna and her partners got up to behind closed doors. There was a time when America as a whole collectively became obsessed with each and every man in Madonna's life who served as a romantic partner, many of which had quite the age gap! Considering the queen of pop herself has managed to remain on everyone's radar, it's no surprise she's attracted some big names. As a result, we probably know way more about Madonna's love life than she would want us to know is madonna dating, but hey, the info is out that at our disposal nonetheless.

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From her numerous husbandssignificant others, and casual lovers, the Queen of Pop has always had some major arm candy by her side. Recently, footage of the legendary pop star and boxing pro Floyd Mayweather surfaced on social media, prompting fans to ask in bewilderment whether the madonja are dating. So, is Madonna dating Floyd? Is she dating anyone at all? Although they were recently seen together at a learn more here that included Demi Lovato, Antonio Brown, Kanye West, and Julia Fox, Madonna is not dating boxing professional and alleged domestic abuser Floyd Mayweather.

Here Are All The Men Madonna's Dated In The Past


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So, who has the icon found herself entangled with over the course of her career? Let's dive in! Updated on September 27, , by Michael Chaar: Madonna is no stranger to a romance or two. The 'Hung Up' singer first found herself in a relationship with model Tony Ward back in the early 90s, marking one of her very first public romances.

While things didn't work out between the two, Madge found herself walking down the aisle with first-hubby and fellow actor, Sean Penn. Their marriage ended in , however, Sean has made it clear he's still very much in love with her. Madonna's second marriage to Guy Ritchie was said to be the one, however the two split in after nearly a decade together. Today, Madonna is dating her backup dancer , Ahlamalik Williams, whom she met back in during her Rebel Heart Tour.

Williams has accompanied Madonna on her Madame X Tour in and , proving that mixing business with pleasure can totally work out.

During the early '90s, model Tony Ward served as Madonna's boyfriend and muse. Not only did he cameo in a number of music videos for her, but he also made an appearance in her highly controversial coffee table photography book she titled simply as Sex.

Ward, among others, was featured in erotic photos. The two-time Oscar winner and two-time husband were able to claim Madonna as his first wife. However, their marriage only lasted between and Despite their marriage being marred in controversy, Sean Penn confirmed in a Late Show interview with Stephen Colbert that after 30 years, he's still in love with his ex.

Occasional music collaborators most notably on the song "Justify My Love" , Lenny Kravitz and Madonna were also reported to have been lovers at one point back in The duo were said to have fallen for one another during their recording session.

From the sound of such reports, their love life emphasis on the love part did not survive past a simple fling together. In perhaps the most surprising and oft-forgotten addition to the list, Madonna dated world-renowned late rapper Tupac Shakur after Rosie Perez introduced them at the Soul Train Awards in While in prison, as revealed in an excerpt of said letter released by TMZ , Pac broke up with Madonna in a letter and explained why they couldn't stay together.

As was detailed in his ESPN documentary, Madonna fell in love with Rodman enough to want to have his baby, which is exactly why Rodman dumped her. Although not many people will remember the name Carlos Leon, he was one of Madonna's greatest loves. Their relationship only lasted between the years and , but in that time frame, the two had a child, Lourdes Leon , before they decided they were better off as best friends instead of lovers.

In another unlikely and surprising choice of partner, Madonna dated David Blaine. While they wound up opting to be friends instead of stay as lovers, he did help her reconcile with her estranged son Rocco back in Her Madgesty is actually in a relationship with her year old backup dancer, Ahlamalik Williams. Despite the year age difference between them, Drue says that his son truly loves the singer and that she, in turn, also loves him unequivocally.

As Drue tells it, they all get along really well. According to Vogue , the Sacramento native was an accomplished dancer before he met Madonna.

Alhamalik and Madonna have the biggest age gap of anyone she's publicly dated but being attached to someone multiple decades her junior is nothing new for Madonna. In fact, the singer is notorious for dating younger men and women and has only had one relationship with a man older than her: Warren Beatty, who is 21 years her senior.

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