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Another day, another study proving that people have some weird AF misconceptions about bisexuality. New research published in The Journal of Sex Research shows, like many other studies, that bisexual women are more likely to be thought of in a negative light than other women. The study asked heterosexual participants men and women to provide descriptions of heterosexual women, lesbians, and bisexual women. Here also were presented with of two characters on a lon and asked to more info an evaluation. And the results?

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The fact is that research has consistently shown that human sexuality is much more complicated than this. The percentage of men who self-identify as bisexual in the age demographic: 1. In a survey, bisexuals were tolerated only slightly more than intravenous drug users in bisexuuals survey of self-identifying heterosexuals. Bisexual men are 5x more likely to use methamphetamine than the general population. Children who are abused are 6x more likely to become bisexual than any other population demographic. Nearly half of all men who are aggressive against same sex behaviors click arousal when shown pictures of naked men. Data from Australia shows that both men and women who are bisexual have the highest percentages of suicide attempts.

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New research published in The Journal of Sex Research shows, like many other studies, that bisexual women are more likely to be thought of in a negative light than other women. The study asked heterosexual participants men and women to provide descriptions of heterosexual women, lesbians, and bisexual women. They also were presented with descriptions of two characters on a date and asked to give an evaluation.

And the results? Well, they won't come as a surprise to any bisexual women out there. Bisexual women were described as more confused and promiscuous than other women. They were also evaluated as more neurotic, more extroverted, and more open to experiences. Now, not all of those are bad things — but good or bad, they all have literally nothing to do with being bisexual.

The study also found that these stereotypes are not learned by seeing bisexual behavior, but rather come through assumptions about bisexuality. In other words, they're just prejudices with no basis in reality. As a bisexual woman, this all sounds all too familiar to me. Bisexual women are often thought of as either greedy or going through a phase — or, even worse, "faking it" to impress a guy. We run into these misconceptions all the time. But it's time to stop perpetuating these stereotypes and start talking about what it's actually like to be bisexual.

Here are seven things you should know. Seriously, if you say you're bisexual people want the receipts. But it's not an exact science. I probably was more man-leaning for a while, but then it shifted.

Some people never act on their bisexuality at all, but that doesn't make them any less bisexual. It also may take a while to realize that you're bisexual, or you might know right away. And that's OK, too. I know bi people who didn't have any experiences with women until their 30s, but that doesn't make them any less valid. Although a lot of people think bisexual people are basically just whining about bi-erasure, there are some real problems in the bisexual community.

Studies have shown that bisexuals have higher rates of anxiety , depression, and even suicidal tendencies than straight or gay people. Part of the problem is not feeling like we belong in the straight or queer community, and another part of the problem is that we feel uncomfortable seeking help set aside for LGBTQ folks.

Either way, it means people aren't getting the help they need — and that's an issue. One of the reasons bisexuals don't seek help meant for queer people is that not everyone in the queer community is cool with bisexuals. Some people think it's just a matter of time before we retreat back into our heterosexual privilege — or that we're just experimenting.

It can be really stressful finding out where you belong. My girlfriend is a lesbian and, though her close friends were all very welcoming, many of those in her wider LGBTQ circle made it clear they were skeptical of me because I was bi. Women who have sex with both genders have significantly higher risks of breast and ovarian cancer. For girls who identify themselves as bisexual, they are more likely to have intercourse for the first time by the age of 14 when compared to heterosexual or same sex identifications.

When a teen identifies themselves as a bisexual, they are more likely to use some form of contraception. Women who identify as being bisexual have twice the prevalence of pregnancy in young women who are either heterosexual or questioning their sexual orientation. More kids are afraid to tell their fathers of their bisexual orientation than their mother.

For those who identify as bisexual, the average age they first thought they were attracted to both genders was Bisexuality might be the last form of sexual orientation that is considered taboo in many societies. Many choose not to self-identify in public that they are attracted to men and women, so having exact figures is simply impossible at the time of this writing.

What is estimated, however, is that the bisexual population may be as large as the same sex population is — and it might even be larger. It is still against the law to be bisexual in some locations on this planet if sex involves two parties of the same gender, even if it is consensual.

This is even true for the United States. There is some data that can be found, but much of the statistics on bisexuality are dated by a decade or more. Even so, there are so uncommon statistics that should be taken a closer look at so we can all better understand what it really means to be human. Being bisexual seems to have the same markers today, when looking at these statistics, as having a same sex orientation had nearly two decades ago.

As people have grown to accept same sex relationships instead of fear them, the acceptance of their choices and orientation have become part of society. The same would likely be true for bisexuality, but as of this moment, there is no one to stand up for this niche demographic within the LGBTQ community.

For change to occur, a leader must stand up against these negative stigmas and discuss why sexual attraction to men and women is a rather normal thing.

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