Antique flintlock tinder lighter

Antique flintlock tinder lighter

By John Fuhring What, no video??? No, you are going to have to read and think. I hope you find this essay interesting and enjoyable. This essay is presented to you free of charge and without any annoying commercials. It seems that these flint lighters were pretty common in the 18th Century. Many originals are still around and this one of mine is a "spitting image" of an original made by Henry Nock back then.

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Antiques Atlas - Flintlock Tinder Lighter


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The bottom of the little projection was filed down a little to allow the edge of the flint to be lower. I rounded off the sharp wooden edges and "antiqued" the wood a bit and now my lighter even more closely resembles an original 18th Century lighter and works as well as they did. By the way, I've noticed that nearly all original lighters had the sides of the lock engraved with fancy designs and sometimes with the makers name.

My lighter is plain. If you enjoyed this story, you might also be interested in the following articles and stories. My French model cavalry musketoon flintlock After some extensive, but very fun work correcting a lot of minor things, I am very proud of this gun. Paul's original Brown Bess I rebuilt All modesty aside, I am very pleased with how this gun turned out. Shooting the flintlock There are lots of other firearm articles one of which you might be interested found in my shooting articles selection page.

Please visit my guest book and briefly tell me, did you enjoy the article or were you disappointed? Guest book. Contact me. Outstanding early 19th century Ottoman flintlock pistol with various maker's marks in Arabic. Beautiful hand chased and engraved lock-plate. The stock with vertical bands of intricat W 21 in. This beautiful Antique Victorian Sterling Silver brooch is an intricate depiction of a muzzle loading flintlock musket. The level of detail is extraordinary, with everything from the Category s British Victorian Antique Flintlock.

Oil painting of man with a flintlock gun, this beautiful oil painting is typical of the period, circa Category Early 19th Century Antique Flintlock.

H 13 in. W 20 in. Spanish Flintlock Pistol. A good example of a Spanish flintlock pistol made for the Turkish market. Turkish Market Flintlock Pistol. A good example of a french flintlock pistol made for the Turkish market, the lock signed Paris. The walnut stock beautifully inlaid with diver wire, mother of pearl and red coral.

An early 19th century walnut stocked blunderbuss with unusual chequered grip on the fine coloured stock, the three stage brass barrel with spring bayonet and Birmingham proof marks, D 29 in. Pair of 18th Century Flintlock Gentleman Pistols.

A pair of brass-mounted 22 bore gentleman's flintlock holster pistols with two stage barrels signed on the lock by T. The walnut stocks with chased and cast brass mounts inclu D 14 in. These extremely rare early 18th century flintlock pistols showcase extraordinary craftsmanship with carved walnut stocks inlaid with silver and brass. Intricately etched steel barrel W 19 in. Antique brass pocket sized matchbox holder decorated with a three dimensional flintlock pistol.

Early 18th century oil on canvas painting of flintlock gun. Early 18th century oil on canvas painting of flintlock gun powder horn-shott etc, with dead partridges overhanging from a string, within 'dutch' ebonised moulded frame. H 41 in. A very nice 18th century French double barreled flintlock sporting gun.

Fine carved stock with a fantasy animal head. Category 18th Century French Antique Flintlock. Free shipping within the United States and Canada. Henry Osborn was born in , He is first identified as a Sword Cutler in i It is dated at the top of the grip under an anchor cartouche. Has attached belt clip. Rare original co W 15 in. A fine pair of 18th century Scottish steel flintlock belt pistols by Macleod. These 'Highland Pistols" feature extensive etched decoration with scrolling foliage and thistle flowers Category 18th Century Scottish Antique Flintlock.

Jeweled Turkish Flintlock Pistol. This coral, silver and turquoise adorned two-stage barrel flintlock pistol is a handsome example of 18th c. Turkish craftsmanship and the earlier use of semi-precious gems in weaponr Materials Turquoise, Coral, Metal, Silver. Royal Bavarian Flintlock Muskets. A rare and fine set of half-size Royal Bavarian cadet flintlock muskets with family crest, all with an impeccable provenance. This set of four is unusual and highly decorative becau Category 19th Century German Antique Flintlock.

H 52 in. Georgian Flintlock Pistol Pendant. A cool late Georgian charm pendant, modelled as an 18th Century Flintlock pistol. It's crafted from 15k gold, adorned with ornate hand-chased detailing. It was originally intended to Category s British Georgian Antique Flintlock. Flintlock or Musket Andirons. A fun Antique Flintlock Pistol. Modelled in 9ct gold with pendant loop for wear as a necklace or even a charm on a bracelet.

The handle is finely hand chased. I do not endorse gu An extremely fine pair of Flemish flintlock holster pistols. A rare and fine example of a German hunting hanger with integrated flintlock pistol. The saw back blade is in good condition with stag horn handle. The pistol is original to the By Hornschurch A Reval. With octagonal barrels engraved with a decorative band around the muzzles and the breeches, fitted with silver fore-sights. Each engraved with 'Hornschurch a Reval'. The modern town A very fine pair of cased flintlock duelling pistols by Brunn of London.

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