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The show focuses on six committed couples, each having a partner who has given an ultimatum to their partner asking them to marry or move on within source weeks. However, during the initial half of the click, each participant is allowed to choose a different partner from among the couples present. Such an exciting premise paves the way for high-octane drama, adding to the thrill of the show. However, Jake was quite skeptical of the plan as he had just gotten out of the military and still wanted to explore the world. On the other hand, Rae and her college sweetheart, Zay Wilson, dated for more than two years. Although Rae was quite certain about Zay being her soulmate, the mentioned that he still needed some time as it was the only profound connection he had lele pons is dating and juanpa so far.

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In Netflix 's reality dating show "The Ultimatum," participants challenge their ambivalent partners with a major ultimatum: propose to me or we're done. The show follows an entertaining premise where couples are separated and paired off with partners from other couples on the show. This gives them a chance to see if their love is worth holding on to or if there might be better fish in the sea. Some couples, like Alexis and Huntergrew stronger through the experience. But for April Melohn and Jake Cunningham, things got a bit messy. Cunningham claimed qho times on the show that Melohn forced him to participate, pointing out that is eret dating was the one who issued the ultimatum.

The Ultimatum: Jake Cunningham age, relationship status, Instagram


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The Ultimatum is Netflix's latest reality dating show, and it's every bit as dramatic as fans were hoping it would be. Brought to the streaming service by the people behind Love Is Blind, The Ultimatum asks six couples on the verge of getting married if they can reconcile their differences. Here are the basics, ICYMI: In tinder mmr pair, one partner who wants to get married has given an ultimatum to the other, who isn't ready yet. Hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey ask the couples to split up and speed date each other. Once they've regrouped into brand new pairs, the duos live together in a "practice marriage" for three weeks. Next, everyone returns to their original partners, and the old couples live together for three weeks.

Though they each entered The Ultimatum in committed relationships with other people, we could not help but root for Jake Cunningham and Rae Williams after the pair immediately hit it off on their first date. And throughout the new Netflix reality hit's nine episode-run, it was clear that they had a real connection. And—spoiler alert! Rather than an engagement ring, Jake presented Rae with two plane tickets to any location of her choosing—the giddy twosome seemingly ready to take off on a new adventure off-camera. Yes, our favorite couple was really riding off into the sunset together, so imagine our surprise when Learn more here told E! News that they never ultimately went on vacation.

There are many reasons why Jake Cunningham from The Ultimatum became the show's breakout star. Fans of the new Netflix series met Jake in early April when the show made its debut on the streaming platform. The Ultimatum is hosted by Love Is Blind's Nick and Vanessa Lachey and encourage couples to put their love to the test while exploring relationships with other potential matches. Jake is one of the most talked-about cast members on the Netflix reality show, along with his better half, April Marie.

When the couple was introduced on the show, Jake and April already had problems in their relationship. Jake, who works as a Marine Corps veteran, admitted that before he settles down with April, he would like to be more financially stable. Jake, who is 26, and April, who is 23, have been dating for the past two years, and April is ready for Jake to put a ring on her finger.

He has over followers and 12 posts. His page consists of selfies and photos of when he was in the military. A post shared by Jake Cunningham-The Ultimatum itsjakecunningham. Jake might not have that many followers on his Instagram right now, but his follower count is expected to skyrocket once The Ultimatum drops on Netflix.

So go ahead and hit that follow button if you want to see more of Jake! After searching through all his social media accounts, he gives absolutely nothing away.

The Ultimatum will make its landing on Netflix on April 6 at a. Rae denied that their previous partners "held them back" from pursuing a new connection. Instead, they both made the "conscious choice" for deciding to "backtrack. Since splitting up with Zay and Jake, Rae reveals she's been with one person, a woman whom she describes as being "amazing. But I'm figuring out myself," Rae said.

Through this announcement, Rae came out as bisexual to the cast. I've been with one girl and that's been great, honestly," Rae said. Vanessa said she was "glowing," and the cast applauded. Zay said he's been trying to figure out what he actually wants. Elena Nicolaou is a senior entertainment editor at Today. Previously, she covered culture at Refinery29 and Oprah Daily. Her superpower is matching people up with the perfect book, which she does on her podcast, Blind Date With a Book.

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