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If see more rising sign rjsing Virgo, people will tend to see you as intelligent and hard-working, and also humble. You never brag and let your hard work speak rksing itself. You are highly perceptive and fascinated by the world, but in an analytical way. If Virgo is ascendant in your natal chart, this means that Virgo was the constellation on the horizon at the time and place of your birth. This sign indicates how you engage with the world.

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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. The Link is astrologically tied to your emotions, moods, and instincts. Your Moon sign represents what you need emotionally during any given phase of your life. Knowing this can help you better understand yourself and those in your life. The Moon in Virgo person is a hard worker who cares about cleaning and perfection. You feel rewarded when others compliment your hard work, as it contributes to moonn feelings of competence and adequacy.

Virgo Rising Sign: Virgo Ascendant Traits, Appearance & Compatibility


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It is so rare that you often feel like you have found your calling in life in these people or things. You have a tendency not to trust people and take what they say at face value. For this reason, you tend to compartmentalize the most vulnerable and caring part of yourself and keep it separate and protected from the world.

To be unleashed, one day. When you are Virgo rising, people tend to consider you very intelligent and a little mysterious. You speak smartly and always figure out how to get things done, but you rarely say more than you need to or share personal things about yourself with others.

People born under Virgo ascendant tend to have the appearance of dark or deep-set eyes that look intelligent and knowing. You also tend to look younger than they are. This is partially due to healthy skin that tends to glow. Virgo rising folk tend to be highly charismatic, but as other people approach you, they can find you a bit standoffish. While you are a good listener and always give good advice, you rarely seem emotionally invested in others. You also choose not to share about yourself, which creates distance.

Other people often see your potential as intelligent, hardworking, and creative, and want to do something to break you out of your shell. They quickly discover that praise is not the answer and instead to give you more responsibility. You seem like someone who is hard to impress, so other people may feel like they never live up to your expectations.

Virgo rising personalities are indepedent and self-sufficent. You largely live in your own head and your own imagination and prefer not to share the deepest parts of yourself with others. Your eyes are on the future and what you can make of yourself. Virgo rising personalities are always thinking about the future and planning for how to make things better. There is almost always a plan in progress to meet some grand ambition, with short and long-term goals and milestones.

You are naturally organized, and you like to track progress and see your hard work paying off at each step. You have big expectations of everything in life. In your imagination, everything that will happen will be more than perfect.

When it comes to your own achievements not quite doing as well as you imagined just motivates you to work harder next time. If you are a Virgo rising you probably have a very vivid imagination, and the things that happen in your head are almost as real as the things that happen around you.

You tend to imagine what will happen in situations in advance, which helps you control things when they actually happen. But if you get upset about something in your head, it can be just as hurtful to you as if it really happened. You also prefer to keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself. No one offers better counsel than the words that you have in your head. People born under Virgo rising are always very articulate. You just know what words sound right together.

Too many people watching, they might see something that you would rather hide. While your natural charisma means that you have little trouble attracting admirers, Virgo ascendant people are very picky.

You can be quite insecure within your relationship, as you are highly aware of your own imperfections. Virgo rising is highly compatible with Pisces rising as they engender the kind of trust that you are looking for and they are very loyal.

Pisces also loves to talk and provides you with the stimulating conversation that you need. If you are Virgo ascendant, you are probably also a good match with Capricorn rising as they understand your focus and ambition. They know that you need to work hard to improve yourself rather than be told that you are perfect just the way that you are. When you are in a relationship, Virgo rising needs to maintain their independence.

Virgo ascendent men manifest the ambitious and hardworking elements of the sign. You probably work hard in the office and in the gym, as well as having several hobbies that you take very seriously. Your Virgo Moon sign advises you to find out about the intricacies of the way things work.

You have a proven ability to master skills and techniques that are based on logic; your interest is always in understanding how the pieces interconnect. The Virgo Moon woman is always on the go, and likes to keep busy. She is methodical, detail-oriented, resourceful, analytical, and loves to collect things. She is also a sympathetic listener, a hard worker, and very loyal.

She likely has more than one job and typically enjoys a full day of work. The Virgo Moon woman is loyal, and she expects loyalty from those that she loves. She has a great attention to detail, and an eye for both the important, and the unnecessary. The Virgo Moon Woman is intelligent, and knows this very well. The Virgo Moon woman is a beautiful lover and loyal friend. She sometimes has a dutiful attitude, but has an artistic side too. She loves to feel needed and is very hard-working.

Chic, modern, and feminine; Virgo women are the epitome of high-class. They bring organization to all aspects of their lives, from keeping track of their finances to their designer handbags. The ideal Virgo woman is practical, analytical and logical. Virgo women make excellent scientists, bankers or lawyers because they are very good at organizing and making lists. They tend to be tidy creatures who like things done in an orderly fashion. The Virgo woman is a perfectionist, able to analyze and solve the most difficult of problems.

She is analytical, coolheaded, and organized. Her rational nature often makes her the ideal candidate for advice when things are messy. The Virgo moon woman is very close to her mother, and she seeks out advice when making decisions rather than taking action. She possesses a sharp mind she has a great pull towards analytical thinking.

Shy around strangers, she does not exhibit a lot of emotion until you get to know her. She is a private person who needs to feel emotionally stable in order to be herself.

Very independent, the Virgo moon woman finds it difficult to show vulnerability or neediness. The Virgo Moon woman is practical, insightful, and complex. As a Virgo Moon woman, you are an extremely devoted friend, but you may surprise others by holding back until you get to know someone for quite some time.

You seek stability and harmony in your relationships more so than the typical Virgo , making it difficult for anyone to discover your softer side until you feel truly comfortable with them. The Virgo moon woman is ambitious, methodical and practical. She has a practical approach to life and is much more interested in facts then fantasy. Her love of details makes her meticulous and accurate.

Of all the moon signs , she is perhaps the most difficult woman to figure out. The intensity of her emotions remains carefully under wraps at all times. Her feelings are always deeply hidden under beautiful smile. She is at her best when she can help people, friends or strangers alike. She is a good listener and sometimes this makes other people confide in her their most intimate secrets.

Because of this, many friends see her as a good confidant. The Virgo Moon woman is especially fond of work related to astrology, psychology or healthcare. She is usually very modest but also fussy and in some cases demanding, but it all stems from her desire to be useful to someone. Virgo Moon women have a much more realistic approach to life. This realism comes from a fastidious ability to focus on fine details and logical thinking.

They are so good with details that many are great problem-solvers often counseling others on the finer points. This makes them invaluable in checking books with accounting errors or finding errors in surveys and studies where precise measurements are involved. Those born under the sign of Virgo moon will be extremely detail-oriented and organized, paying close attention to each part of their lives from work to family and friends.

A friend to all, the Virgo moon man does not boast of his good deeds but quietly helps when he is needed. The Virgo moon man is a hard worker and takes great pride in everything he does. He wants things done right the first time.

His friends admire him for his honesty, punctuality, and loyalty. He is very protective of his family members. When he gets into a conflict with someone, he will never give up trying to make amends even if it means apologizing over and over again until that person forgives him. He is interested in science, religion, philosophy, and health. Yet he may not be able to clearly define what he believes in because he does not like to upset or scare anyone with his conclusions. It is beneath his unassuming behavior that a great sense of humor dwells.

A practical and down-to-earth Virgo Moon man can be wonderfully entertaining, surprisingly inventive and full of great ideas.

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