Trapped in a dating sim the world of

A manga adaptation of the series by Jun Shiosato began serialization on October 5,and is published under the Dragon Comics Wofld imprint by Fujimi Shobo. Seven Seas Entertainment publishes both the light novel and the manga adaptation in English. An office worker dies and finds himself reincarnated as Leon Fou Bartfort in the Holfort Kingdom of the otome game that he was forced to complete by his sister. In this world, women reign supreme, and survival is particularly tough for 'mobs', background characters like him. Using his encyclopedic knowledge of the game from his past life, Leon sets on disrupting this world and its social hierarchy by finding the cheat item Luxion and enrolling in the Holtfort Academy. He attempts to live a normal life and find a wife, but through his actions he gets embroiled in kf kinds of schemes, all while mingling with the nobility and work facebook blocking how does characters of the otome game. The light novel is written by Yomu Mishima and illustrated by Monda.

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A young man is transported into a video game world dominated by females. Sign In. Episode guide. Play trailer Animation Comedy Fantasy.

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July 30, [20]. June 28, print [21] May 5, digital. Human Garbage Serge Siblings Our Promise That Day Human Sacrifice Ideal, the Supply Vessel The Pirate Flag Love Interests vs. Love Interests Manipulator Little Leon January 30, [22]. December 6, print [23] August 18, digital. Mother and Son Holy Kingdom of Rachel The Republic's Pride Milady Traitor Revolution A Fight Between Sisters. Familial Bonds The Mastermind The Most Dangerous Man Master Liar Remuneration Epilogue Recollection: Ideal's Promise.

June 30, [24]. February 14, print [25]. November 30, [26]. May 30, [27]. November 30, [28]. June 8, [39]. August 3, [40] July 27, Early Digital [41]. Reincarnated into Darkness To The Decision That Which Sleeps Deep Underground. Routine, Then Disaster. September 9, [42]. October 5, [43]. Force The Night Before The Duel. These Guys Are Annoying It's The Best.

April 9, [44]. January 25, [45]. Fools Episode I Part I. Episode I Part II Female Friendships Are Fleeting The Queen. August 7, [46]. April 26, [47]. The Saint's Items Upperclassman Clarice. Individual Circumstances December 9, [48]. June 7, [49]. The Harbinger of a Collapse Vanquishment of the Sky Pirates I Vanquishment of the Sky Pirates II. The Right Path.

July 9, [50]. November 15, [51]. January 8, [52]. March 7, [53]. May 9, [54]. April 3, After completing an Otome game a Japanese salaryman hits his head and dies, later reincarnating as Leon Fou Bartfort inside the game that combines rural living on floating islands with futuristic technology. Society is female dominated and men are husbands or paramours to noble ladies. Ten years later Leon has prepared to enter The Academy where men find wives or become paramours.

Leon uses pre-knowledge of the story to locate a powerful ship named Luxion, which should have been found by the game's female protagonist in the original story. Luxion is controlled by an Artificial intelligence that attempts to kill Leon due to him being a New Human, the current breed of human that can use magic and eradicated the non-magic humans that created Luxion.

Zora happily assumes Leon died, only for Leon to appear with an absolute fortune in treasure looted from dungeons using his pre-knowledge. Wanna Get Some Tea?

April 10, Due to his achievements Leon is unwillingly made a baron, meaning any future wife must be nobility. Leon witnesses the start of the storyline and sees the romantic interests, Prince Julius and his friends Jilk, Brad, Chris and Greg, whom the heroine must choose a husband from, and the rich antagonist Angelica Redgrave.

He witnesses a game event in which the heroine is supposed to slap a man, but it is a girl named Marie instead. Leon meets the real heroine, commoner and scholarship student Olivia. Olivia begins a tentative friendship with Angelica. During dungeon exploration Angelica confronts Marie for ingratiating herself with Julius but is told by Julius to back off. Leon realizes the noble students are using him and Olivia as human shields and after defeating several monsters Julius and his friends defeat the rest and take all the credit.

Olivia heals Leon, revealing her magic skills earned her the scholarship. Leon is troubled by the changes to the storyline, especially concerning Marie, who is more devious than she appears and has somehow replaced Olivia as the storyline's heroine. April 17, Bullies target Marie so Julius forbids Angelica from socializing with him, an in game event that should happen much later. Leon and Olivia see Marie secretly kissing Brad. Marie is shown to know she is in a game.

Leon asks Luxion to begin gathering information as he suspects Marie is a reincarnation like himself. Leon learns students are betting on the duel and bets a small fortune on himself to win.

Angelica believes Leon is insane. On the day of the duel Luxion delivers Leon the armour Arroganz, though this is met with mockery from the audience as Arroganz is very different from the love-interests' modern armours, though Leon is still confident he will beat all five of them.

April 24, Angelica explains to a confused Olivia that Arroganz is a Lost Item made by Old-Humans, but it is large and slow, whereas the Love-Interests emphasize speed. Leon first faces Brad who wields a lance.

Leon mistakenly equips a large shovel instead of a sword but decides to use it anyway. Greg uses a long spear , but his favourite armour has been repaired numerous times, so Leon is able to break it apart and expose Greg as the weak bully he truly is.

Chris wields a sword but is weak against guns, so Leon shoots at him until Chris sword is destroyed. Luxion informs Leon of this but Leon had expected cheating and knows Arroganz can withstand the blast. With his cheating foiled Jilk tries to fight Leon but is defeated just as easily. Marie is furious. Before they fight Leon asks Julius about Olivia. Julius admits he has heard of her but has never met her, which is impossible since their meeting was supposed to be the beginning of the story.

May 1, Leon torments Julius with the absurdity of sharing Marie with the other love-interests. Julius claims Marie loves him for who he is. Leon points out if Julius continues to reject Angelica; he might be stripped of his title of prince. Julius still chooses Marie so Leon destroys his armour and wins the duel. Julius officially cancels his engagement to Angelica.

He agrees but insists Leon take Angelica with him to the countryside. Marie is furious when all of the love interests, including Julius, lose their titles, ending her plans for an easy life. Julius and the love-interests are forced to earn their own money by raiding dungeons, though this makes them happier than they have been in years. May 8, Olivia manages to attract one customer, Carla Fou Wayne, who wants to meet Leon. When she sees how much abuse Leon, Olivia and Angelica receive from a customer named Stephanie, the daughter of Count Offrey, she tries to defend him.

Leon finally loses his temper when Stephanie insults Mylene, beats up Stephanie's servants and causes her to flee when she realizes she had been insulting the Queen. Compared to the feral girls at the academy, Leon is smitten with Mylene and half-jokingly asks her to marry him.

This actually flatters her, annoying Julius who punishes Leon. Mylene is furious at Julius for daring to criticize Leon when he himself is acting dishonourably and demands to meet Marie who has been blatantly manipulating him. Carla asks Leon to save her Wayne family from ruin. May 15, As Carla had officially requested his assistance Leon is unable to refuse.

The festival includes a flying bike race, with third year student Dan Elgar the favourite to win. Dan reveals Clarice had her heart broken by Jilk.

During the race Leon is attacked by all the racers bankrupted by his wagers. Stephanie upsets Olivia by revealing Angelica once treated commoners as badly as she does, causing Angelica to attack her. Leon wins the race but his bike explodes, though Dan saves him from falling to his death since they both hate Jilk. Leon forces Jilk to give Clarice the apology she deserves, surprising her that Leon has a kind heart behind his evil personality. Leon convinces Olivia to give Angelica another chance, despite how difficult a friendship between a commoner and noble might be in the future.

Carla asks Olivia for a private conversation. May 22, Carla reveals she is taking orders from Stephanie, scaring Olivia into obeying her orders. The defeat of the Pirates is a major plot point for Olivia but Leon decides to defeat the Pirates himself. Luxion worries Leon is robbing Olivia of opportunities to grow stronger and more confident. Carla, who now controls Olivia, brings Brad and Greg on the mission. Angelica learns what Stephanie has done to Olivia and rushes to find her.

Brad reveals Stephanie is his ex-fiance and ending their engagement was very risky; her family being essential to protect the kingdom from the neighbouring Fanoss Duchy, particularly their strongest warrior the Black Knight. Piloting Arroganz, Leon defeats the Pirates. Greg realizes war is very different from duels and gains respect for Leon.

Carla attempts to blame Olivia, but Leon instead exposes her crimes to her father, forcing her to confess Stephanie planned everything to ruin Olivia. Leon realizes just how much hurt he has caused Olivia by overprotecting her and not letting her learn by doing things for herself. May 29, Leon realizes the love-interests try to impress Marie, but also let her do things on her own, unlike him and Olivia.

Marie starts raiding dungeons, determined to retrieve a certain relic before Olivia. The rest of the pirates attack the ship. Olivia tries to help but is attacked by the pirate captain. Leon realises this is how the story should go, with the love-interests helping Olivia, without him.

He steps in and defeats the captain, looting from him the Holy Necklace, one of the relics Olivia needs to eventually become a Saint. Olivia is devastated when Leon becomes distant from her, hoping she will become friends with the love-interests like she was supposed to and forget about him. Angelica becomes furious at Leon for hurting Olivia so badly.

Luxion finds evidence linking the pirates to Stephanie who is arrested by the royal family. Leon gives full credit for the pirates defeat to Brad and Greg and intervenes to have their families reinstate them as family heirs. June 5, Another game event arrives, the school trip. Leon visits a shrine and coincidentally meets Angelica and Olivia. The academy ship is attacked by Princess Hertrude of the Fanoss Duchy who declares war, an event not supposed to happen until the end of the game.

Holfort kingdom orders Chris to delay Hertrude as long as possible, even if they all die. Most students cowardly refuse so as a high ranked noble Leon orders every student to fight, shaming them by calling them false nobles. Deirdre Roseblade, the highest ranked noble below Angelica, is insulted and proclaims her family achievements, but even she is shamed when Leon points out those achievements belonged to her ancestors, while she acted the coward like everyone else.

Through shame, anger and wounded pride every student agrees to fight. Impressed by his rudeness and brazen lack of respect, Deirdre falls in lust with Leon. Watch Official Trailer. Photos 8. Top cast Edit. Jim Foronda Luxion. Nicholas Markgraf Additional Voices …. Takeo Otsuka Leon Fou Bartfort. Fairouz Ai Angelica Rapha Redgrave. Kana Ichinose Olivia. Ayane Sakura Marie Fou Lafan.

Akira Ishida Luxion. Nobuyuki Hiyama Greg Fou Seberg. Kenichi Suzumura Julius Rapha Holfort. Shinnosuke Tachibana Brad Fou Field. Kelly Greenshield Queen Mylene. Marisa Duran Angelica's Friend.

Kelsey Maher Carla Fou Wayne. Ashley Thereon Gelatt. Kristian Eros Additional. Ian Sinclair Jilk. More like this. Storyline Edit. User reviews 7 Review. Featured review. Good comedy. Some good moments. Overall the animation the animation is average, and the story makes sense. It's fun to watch and it's not so serious, it's more easy going and one complaint is i want to see more of the "women are more important than men" thing about the story, it occasionally pops up for comedic reasons but it would be cool if it played a bigger part in the story.

In conclusion, pretty good anime, but it can be better. Details Edit.

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