The most honest zodiac signs

Do you believe that honesty is the best policy, or are you happy to tell outright lies in order to avoid getting dating in brazil culture trouble? Do you sugar coat it when you need to share hard truths, or do you actually like to see how people respond when they are confronted with difficult news? Honesty means lots of different things to different people, and we often use this as a measure for how much we can trust others. Your Zodiac sign might be able to tell you quite a bit about your innate relationship zoriac the truth and your approach to honesty. Aries, Sagittarius, and Scorpio tend to be the most honest signs, all brutally so.

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Lying is something most people have done honets some point in their lives, but signss it or not, your birthday can influence how honest you naturally are. In astrology, some zodiac signs are known for being more truthful than others. All signs have the capacity for honesty, but some signs have other tempering factors that can make telling the truth more challenging in certain situations. For example, Venus-ruled Libra is a sign that values partnership and dislikes conflict. Dawn adds, Leos ultimately want to be seen as role models or leaders. In order to make that happen, they want to be seen as someone others can trust.

The 3 Most Honest Zodiac Signs


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By Lani Akingbade — Written on Sep 17, Honesty is the best policy right? No matter what zodiac sign you were born under, you may not always be as honest and open to the truth as you think you are. But still, lies are a dangerous thing that seem tempting to tell but can often spiral out of thf the more we use them. Even the smallest of lies can ruin the way other people view us, and the last thing anyone wants to be called is a liar.

However, friends and family who know the Cancer well, know that they believe honesty is vital to the growth of a relationship. However, they are also known to tell white lies in order to spare the feelings of those they care most about. Virgos struggle with honesty because they do not like to hurt people.

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This is because Taurus strongly dislikes feeling uncomfortable. Oftentimes, when put into uncomfortable situations, they will do anything they can think of to get out of it. They know just what to say if they want to make you feel bad. Scorpios also have a tendency to be dramatic and extreme in some situations. This causes them to lie more all for the sake of telling a good story. If you are able to get close to a Scorpio and build a relationship, they become one of the most trustworthy signs.

In certain situations that call for the truth, Capricorns may respond by using sarcasm — to skip around the question.

An Aquarius will only tell the truth if they feel you need to hear it. Their truths may come off as hurtful when they do tell it, and they make sure the lies they tell are coming from a good place. A Pisces lie can be so well-formed that they even sometimes end up tricking themselves.

They do not enjoy criticism, so if they need to lie in order to avoid it, they will happily do so. Libras tend to lie in the name of personal gain. The only person Libra will be fully honest with is themselves. They hate when they are wrong, and if they have to lie in order to seem truthful, then they will do so. They tend to make up excuses and fabricate their stories. If you know a Gemini , you already know not to take the things they say to heart because it may end up being a lie. Lani Akingbade is a regular contributor to YourTango who focuses on lifestyle and entertainment news.

Sign in. Join YourTango Experts. Get your horoscope delivered free to your inbox daily! They also have a strong moral compass, which makes them compelled to take ownership when they feel like they have done something wrong. But Virgos also tend to be deeply insecure within themselves.

For this reason, they build up an image of a perfect version of themselves behind which they hide. Virgo will lie about what they are thinking and feeling to maintain this image of themselves.

But they will never tell a lie that they think could actively hurt another person. Appearances are very important to Taurus, and they put a lot of time and effort into maintaining theirs. Taurus will lie to maintain the illusion of themselves that they have created. They also know the importance of getting other people on side in order to get ahead, and will certainly twist the truth if it means that they can build a better relationship with someone that they consider important.

But people born under Aquarius do tend to see themselves as morally superior to others. So, they will tend to refrain from lying about the big things, as they see themselves as above this. Though they will probably also feel bad about it later. People born under Libra have a deep desire to be the centre of attention and to be liked by everyone. They will lie to order to make sure those things happen. They may get caught up in increasingly elaborate webs of lies in order to protect a lie told earlier.

While Libra are often discovered in their falsity, it is hard to stay mad at them as it never comes from a place of malice. While it might be unfair to call Gemini liars, they do tend to have a fluid relationship with what they think is the truth. In their minds the lines between reality, wishes, and dreams are quite fluid. Gemini also tend to let people down a lot, as they get distracted and forget their commitments to others.

They will often tell white lies to smooth over the conflicts that can arise as a result of this. People born under Gemini also change their minds about things a lot. So, they might tell you something one day in the honest belief that it is the truth, but by the next day they have already changed.

Again, Geminis lies are never told from a place of malice, but it can still be challenging for the people that care for them the most. So, are you from one of the honest signs or are you born under a sign with a more complicated relationship with the truth? It is important to remember that telling the truth is a choice, and you can always choose it, even if it is not your natural instinct. Also, the old saying that honesty is the best policy is not always true.

When you choose to use honesty as a weapon, it can leave behind just as much damage as a lie. Aries 21 March April Aries are so confident within themselves that they never feel the need to lie about what they are thinking or what they are doing. Sagittarius tends to believe that life is too short to waste on anything like that.

Scorpio 24 Oct Nov Scorpio has a reputation for being honest to the point of brutality. Capricorn 22 Dec Jan Capricorn is another scrupulously honest sign. Leo will use tact in order to keep people happy when breaking difficult news. Cancer 22 June July Caring Cancer believes that good relationships are built on trust and honesty and they try to live up to those ideals in their day-to-day life. Pisces 19 Feb March Pisces is a very trustworthy sign.

Virgo 23 Aug Sept Virgo also believes that relationships should be built on honesty and trust, and they would never lie about the important things in life.

Taurus 20 April May Appearances are very important to Taurus, and they put a lot of time and effort into maintaining theirs. Gemini 21 May June While it might be unfair to call Gemini liars, they do tend to have a fluid relationship with what they think is the truth.

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