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The equipment being used in game hunting is getting more and more sophisticated. It seems that every new season there are dozens of innovative new gadgets for outdoorsmen to add to their arsenal. One of the most popular pieces of hunting scaru introduced over the past couple of years is the trail camera. A trail camera, for those who are unfamiliar with the device, is a sturdy and weatherproof camera designed for unmanned use in the wilderness. Most game hunters will use a trail camera or a collection of trail cameras to keep scaryy of a location and gain a better idea scary trail cam pics which animals frequent it and at what time of the source. Because most hunters like to establish the join dating site of an animal before attempting to track it down, trail cameras are generally left to film for extended periods of time. Sometimes, however, the camera will capture a lot more than the hunter bargained for.

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Motion sensing trail cameras are used by hunters to detect the cwm of game in the wild. They automatically take photos when motion is detected. The photos these remote cameras have captured is nothing short of startling. From a UFO in the night sky to children lost deep in the woods, join us as we take more info look at 12 creepy trail cam photos you have to see. UFO in the Night Sky. Go here Mississippi couple, sacry Shattles, checked their trail camera for signs of game, they were shocked at what they saw.

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Since the midth century, humans the world over have been reporting encounters with visitors from another planet, with many claiming to have been abducted by extraterrestrial beings and subjected to embarrassing, often times cruel experiments. Alien abductions have apparently become so widespread that many supposed abductees have set up support groups for themselves and their fellow victims of intergalactic kidnapping to discuss their experiences.

Here, we see a deer engulfed by a bright, yellowish beam coming from the sky above, a far more concentrated light than that of the moon. I get uncomfortable passing a little girl with her mother in a shopping mall, so you can imagine how much it would creep me out to encounter a lone child wandering through a forest late at night. This picture seems to show one child doing that. The little girl, whose face is as pale as it is menacing, points directly towards the trail camera, almost as though she is trying to make the viewer as uncomfortable as possible.

Behind the potential ghost girl stands a wolf, a predatory animal that would generally take full advantage of finding a child alone and seemingly defenseless. In this image, however, the wolf appears to be intimidated by the little girl, if not downright terrified of her, which would suggest that she is not your typical child.

This picture was taken by a landowner in North Carolina who had reason to believe kids and teenagers in the area were trespassing on his property. When reporting his problems to the police, the landowner complained of seeing bright lights coming from inside a cluster of trees on the land, as well as hearing loud, yet difficult to describe noises. Fed up of local authorities doing nothing, the landowner decided to take matters into his own hands and set up a trail camera to catch the trespassers in the act.

Here, we see a glowing figure standing in a clearing, with the light the property owner had previously complained about literally pouring from its body. Many have speculated that the mysterious being - who looks not unlike Mr. This picture, taken by a Bushnell trail camera towards the end of , seems innocent enough upon first glance.

In the foreground of the image, we see a smiling couple, perhaps the owners of the camera or maybe just a husband and wife who stumbled upon the device while out for an evening stroll. In the background, however, lurks something far more disturbing. In the far right of the image, crouched down among the bare trees of the winter forest, we see an unknown creature stalking the loved-up duo, who seem to be totally unaware of its presence. Even the most staunch believers of aliens, Bigfoot, and ghosts find zombies to be a bit of a tall tale.

Clad in only a pair of trousers, the unnamed man seems to have an open wound on the left side of his chest. This, combined with his eerie glowing eyes, has made many supernatural enthusiasts wonder if this picture is evidence of the dead reanimating and walking among the living. Nor do I believe that this picture can be interpreted as being proof of the Grim Reaper's existence. This is very obviously a picture of a human being decked out in a black rope and an unconvincing white mask.

That being said, it is undeniably creepy. Given that trail cameras are generally difficult to spot unless you are standing right in front of it, we can assume that whoever this unnamed individual is was wandering around the forest dressed as the Grim Reaper totally unaware that there was a camera nearby.

His original intention almost certainly was not to frighten the camera operator, but it may well have been to intimidate nature walkers and children playing in the woods. When people think of creepy pictures inadvertently snapped by aspiring photographers, they tend to imagine images of semi-transparent ghost children somberly standing behind a smiling group of living friends.

This image, snapped by the trail camera of a hunter who wished to keep tabs on animals in the forest near his home, shows a freakishly tall masked man taking a carefree stroll with a machete in tow. Remember when those supposed killer clowns started going around scaring everybody in the run up to Halloween in ? Things became so bad that a lot of people were afraid to leave the house, with some parents even banning their children from going trick-or-treating for fear they would run into a not-so-funny clown.

Well, apparently the plague of killer clowns was a problem long before the fall of The timestamp on this image tells us that it was taken early on the morning of August 30th, , a full seven years before killer clowns began terrorizing neighborhoods around the world. Despite this, the picture clearly shows a grown man decked out in a colorful clown costume with a menacing skull-esque mask upon his face.

While most hunters probably like to think of themselves as the number one threat to the existence of wildlife, there are a number of other problems animals have to deal with in the wild. Whatever undetermined disease the unfortunate deer in this image is suffering from has left it covered in sores and boils, a cluster of which covers its eyes and makes it almost impossible for the animal to see where it's going. List Enthusiast. I just love learning new things, interesting facts, mind-boggling lists and obscure knowledge every day!

By Chris Flynn Published Sep 08, Share Share Tweet Email Comment. Related Topics Shocking. The farmer thought it may have been a government drone but other then that he is dumbfounded by the event. Chupacabra on Camera. When this photo was captured by a trail camera in early , the internet was a buzz with theories.

The strange, hairless creature surely is mysterious. Many thought it was proof of el chupacabra, a beast from American folklore that sucks the blood from helpless animals. Others thought it was a mutated, hybrid animal that had never been seen before.

Whatever the case may be, it makes for a fascinating image. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Spirit Captured on Trail Cam. In the summer of , a home owner in Northern Georgia was noticing strange lights coming from the woods at the rear of his property. After alerting authorities he was advised that it may be illegal raccoon hunters that had been spotted in the area.

Frustrated, the home owner placed several trail cameras around the property to catch the intruders. After reviewing some of the photos, the owner was stunned at what he saw. This photo shows some kind of glowing figure wandering through the woods. It has an outstretched hand holding a stick or wand. It looks as though a trail of light is emanating from the back of the humanoid figure. Take a look at the trees too, they are reflecting the light. Some say this is a doomed spirit forced to wander the woods.

Whatever the case may be there has yet to be a plausible, scientific explanation for this image. It shows a hooded figure carrying a scythe in the middle of a forest. His hand looks eerily skeletal and the face is blurred white. Many have said that this is the Grim Reaper himself looking for souls to take to the afterlife.

This photo could have easily been staged.

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