Reviews of its just lunch dating service

Reviews of its just lunch dating service

We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and ads. It's Just Lunch has revlews consumer rating of 3. It's Just Lunch ranks 43rd among Dating sites. This company responds to reviews on average within 4 days. I realize there have been a lot of negative reviews.

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Its Just Lunch IJL is a this web page service for busy professionals who want to be set up on dates without spending any time swiping or messaging people on apps. Many questions servicee, though. Is it worth the cost? Is it a scam? From there, your matchmaker communicates with you by phone to set up dates and click assess how things went after dates. This is refreshing to members who communicate best over the phone.

"It's Just Lunch" Reviews Pros, Cons, Cost, What to Expect


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Because of this, members say that matchmaking quality can vary. There was a class action lawsuit and settlement regarding this in It is speculated that the quality of members varies city to city. Some cities might have an overload of female members, for instance, which makes it difficult to match them with men that meet their specifications. Test your dating pics on Photofeeler to make sure they are doing you justice. Studies show that people are terrible at picking flattering photos of themselves.

That way, you only use your best ones. And you might be shocked at which ones those are. It's Just Lunch ranks 43rd among Dating sites. This company responds to reviews on average within 4 days.

I realize there have been a lot of negative reviews. I had degree different experience the other reviews on this site. My matchmaker Amy J has been fantastic. The one thing you have to do a client is communicate what you in a match and work hand and hand with your matchmaker for success.

I would seriously consider giving IJL a chance. Have met a number of nice ladies. Debra has worked hard to make good matches for me. Her job is not easy, especially for my age group of seniors. By this stage of our lives, our patterns, circle of friends and associates is typically well established. This reality makes matching more difficult. Debra has been very accommodating and spent the time needed to get to know me as a person so that she could make better choices for my introductions.

I've had a very good experience with Kayla my matchmaker with Luxe. She has incredible customer service, a great personality, is authentic and a good listener. She has fun with me too. I'd love to just hang with her like I would with any of my friends. As with anything some matches are better than others but the quality of the men has always been on point. My latest match is fantastic! My dating experience with my matchmaker has been great. She checks in every week to let me know what's going on.

I'm able to talk to her about dates and give specific details on what I liked and didn't like. She takes that feedback and finds a better match for me. I've met some really good men. The positive feedback is appreciated and we are happy to hear you are enjoying the process. Cheers to your next fun first date! My experience with IJL has been great! My goal is to find someone with similar interests who is looking for a committed relationship.

I have discovered this is the best way to meet people because I know IJL has taken care of vetting the other person and also takes care to discuss potential matches, in detail, to assure a higher probability of a good fit.

I am a busy professional so I appreciate the fact that my representative at IJL does the hard work to facilitate meeting the right person for me. Thanks Joseph!

We are absolutely here to take the stress out of the dating process so you can show up and have a good time! We look forward to your next date! Partnering with Patricia at It's Just Lunch has been a really good experience. She is really great at listening to my feedback on dates, providing her insight on dates, and then applying both of them into the dating process.

She is also really awesome at providing encouragement and suggestions for future dates. Hazel did a fantastic job matching me with a man that holds similar values, interests, etc. We had our first date last weekend, and overall, it was a success.

Thank you, Hazel. We are happy to hear you had a great time on your date! Looking forward to more positive first date feedback! I had 5 dates after constantly prodding them, continously emailing them about my next date. Getting new dating specialists 6 different ones. The few dates that were setup where 1. Continously telling them I don't live in Seattle but in Tacoma I just emailed them again no answer. There is no person to call to complain to either.

There is no refund no matter how they fail to deliver what they promised Kleta, thank you for your feedback and apologize if you have not enjoyed your experience thus far. A member of our team will reach out to you to discuss your concerns. My matchmaker, Missy, is one of the nicest and most pleasurable people I have ever met and spoken to.

She really listens to me and is able to pinpoint my dates with much accuracy. I value her judgement and would definitely recommend the Its Just Lunch experience to anyone looking to find the perfect match. Thanks Brian! The entire matchmaking team is cheering you on from the sidelines and looking forward to your success! This company is a scam. I signed on Jan 6, and after two months I haven't date with anyone! The quality of guys seems so low. Theft showed me one profile and I didn't like the guy.

I explained one more time, and second was better, but still not even close to what I expected. Since that haven't heard from anyone. Calls, emails. Finally talk to VP and she said there is no way to refund! But I don't understand what kind of scam is that? Just taking people money and don't even provide with a service? Definitely someone has to stop them. Be aware. Yana, we regret to hear you are not enjoying your experience, however, we are happy to report you are working with our VP of Executive Matchmaking towards a resolution.

It's Just Lunch worked OK for me but didn't meet the love of my life. Cheap introductory deal but more expensive later. Amy is sweet and a good listener. She seems very sincere compared to some others I have spoken to.

She also returns phone calls. We love to hear this great feedback about your matchmaker and will be sure to share with the team. Thank you! It's takes along time in between dates. But maybe that's necessary. Overall it's been OK I haven't found someone I would like to be in a relationship yet.

But maybe. Thanks for the feedback! Yes, matchmaking is an art and dating is a process. Our focus is quality over quantity to ensure we are getting the types of people you want to meet in front of you.

Tailored, personal, professional, it's definitely an elegant matchmaking process. It's far away from the Apps experience which could be misleading and dangerous. New to dating again, but I like the It's Just Lunch dating process.

Have been set up with a couple of very nice dates, hope to meet another soon. Thanks Jason! We are hard at work on your next date and look forward to working with you to provide a positive dating experience. I had a great first interview with Will D. He's really all about this job and takes it seriously! I was very pleased with all his suggestions and advice.

I definitely recommend this avenue! Will D, matchmaker at IJL, handled the details of where and when to meet my dates. There was a change in one candidate's availability and Will D made the effort to reschedule my date with him. When I show up for my first date I'll know for certain that each of us will have elected to be there.

This is one significant advantage of working with It's Just Lunch, as opposed to going it alone. Will D set up lunch with confidence and enthusiasm and designated a place to meet. That's a place to start.

Thanks Cindy! Our goal is to take all of the stress out of dating so you can enjoy the person sitting across the table from you. We look forward to your next fun first date!

I was at first with another web site, to find my ideal match, but was so disappointed. I saw people who were in no way compatible professionally with me or my qualifications. On line dating sites also left me wondering if there was any thing real with these people who were looking for their: soul mates" Some of these encounters are best relegated to the past. With ijl, especially "the Luxe division", all experiences were somehow so relaxed.

There was an element of counseling after dates, and feed back, that I got from my dating coaches, that i had so craved, but i finally had.

My experience with my local rep was informative and pleasant, and lead to some awesome photos. Although I have not been matched yet with my partner, I remain optimistic, that IJL will find me my perfect match, and get me closer to my goals of finding the right fit for my quirky, fun, yet serious and independent personality. Tip for consumers: I think, it is important to evaluate if the service is right for you.

Certainly the data bases of an established company like IHL are extensive, and so the assumption is that you have so many options. I am happy that there is feedback from the coaches after the dates. If on a date, and something happens, you cam always circle back and email your coach, who is monitoring the situation, even over the weekend.

Overall quite satisfied! Thank you for the positive and comprehensive feedback, much appreciated! We truly appreciate you as an IJL client and look forward to working with you to lose your single status! We are happy to hear the process is going well so far, we cater to the busy professional and taking the stress out of dating.

If I had the option of choosing a '0' as a rating I would have done so. This business is a complete SCAM! I have had two dates, one with a man that was polar opposite of what I am looking for and a second with a man that was a bit closer to my expectations but still not a good fit.

My matchmaker has set up additional dates but has canceled them prior to the first date. I was assured prior to signing up that IJL that they had a robust database of men that fit my profile requirements. I have expressed my concerns about IJL not living up to their agreement. Additionally, due to their very poor service I have requested a refund.

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