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If you have an in metaphysical psychonaut dating, spirituality, an open mind, and a desire for similar interests in a life partner, you're in the right place! Astral Hearts was created as an alternative dating service to the mainstream because psychonaug personally know how difficult it can be to find single people looking for romance who walk a similar path. Isn't it time to meet psychonaut dating who really gets datiing I prefer reserved quiet moments to soak up the beauty that surrounds me versus being too chatty. I'm an old soul, so they say. I'm quiet, content, and find the most joy in the little things.



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Se rappeler. Portail Rechercher Contact Aide. Nous serions heureux de vous compter parmi nous! Modes de topics. Link a long post and psychonsut if you don't understand c lesbian, please keep reading till the end and say what you think. The last period, a lot people did complain about the forum which is getting a little bit to old.

A psychonaut is someone who explores altered states of consciousness, especially through hallucinatory drugs. The word psychonaut refers to someone who experiments with altered states of consciousness, particularly as brought on psychonaut dating hallucinogenic drugs like ayahuasca, for the sake of spiritual or intrapersonal exploration. While the term is often associated of drug use, a psychonaut might also experiment with meditation, sensory deprivation, lucid dreaming, and other mind-altering practices. Psychonautlike the drug sense of tripuses the metaphor of a journey to describe a hallucinogenic experience. Bythe term had become familiar enough that Pete Carroll used it as the title of his book, Psychonautwhich dealt with the practice of altered states of consciousness. The term has also gained additional familiarity as the title of a video game, Psychonautswhich depicts psychonauts being spies that possess psychic abilities. The practice of being a psychonautor studying altered forms of consciousness, is psychonaut dating psychonautics, coined by ethno-botanist Jonathan Ott in a essay.

Isn't it time to meet someone who really gets you? I prefer reserved quiet moments to soak up the beauty that surrounds me versus being too chatty. I'm an old soul, so they say. I'm quiet, content, and find the most joy in the little things. I'm whole heartedly involved in shama …. Not quite ready for a love relationship just yet.. I'm in a unique situation creating the final chapters of my exciting life. This can be really fun if you think about it.

All is energy …. Lately, I've come to ask myself "what am I? I've felt I've had …. I am eternally young at heart and life is an amazing journey. I own a metaphysical shop. I have my Doctorate in Metaphysical Sciences I' …. I have lived many lives, most not on this planet. Alternative, artistic, creative, free thinking, free spirited time travelling hippie with soul.

Like fractals, it's minds …. So much is unexplained and almost unexplainable. My basis is with Druidry, Sac …. Meanings Meanings. Examples Origin Usage. Slang dictionary psychonaut What does psychonaut mean? Where does psychonaut come from? Who uses psychonaut? Just Added attention economy , surveillance capitalism , clout chaser , let that sink in , Dark Brandon.

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