Moon in sagittarius woman

General Education. Are you doing a deep dive into astrology and begun studying moon signs? Have you learned that you're a moon in Sagittarius woman or moon in Sagittarius man? Sun signs usually get all the attention, but moon signs can help you learn about the more hidden, private sides of your personality. Read this guide to learn all about what moon signs are in astrology and how you can find your own moon sign. We'll then focus specifically on Sagittarius moon traits and explain how your moon sign affects everything from how you feel about yourself to what you're most afraid of.

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Subscribe Joon Our Newsletter! Https:// Sagittarius moon guides a moon in sagittarius woman to be ever adventurous and optimistic while maintaining an analytic and principled self. As our moon sign directs our most inward thoughts, feelings, and desires, the Sagittarius moon aagittarius a woman to seek new experiences, knowledge, and truth, which speaks directly to her adventurous soul. If you have found yourself being both playful and observant and systematic and spontaneous, then you may have been born while the moon was in Sagittarius. Learning to lean into your strengths and understand your weaknesses can help you fulfill your deepest desires and calm your saggittarius. You may find her expressing her views on other cultures, religions, and philosophies over zap chat zap cup of chai tea in the local coffee shop.

Moon in Sagittarius Woman


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Email address:. The Moon in Sagittarius woman is a very enthusiastic and happy-go-round individual who is always on the prowl for the next adventure. This woman will have to go through a lot sagittarlus emotional dangers along the way because of the contradiction between her non-conformist desires and the rules and regulations that society imposes on her. The status quo is one of the most inhibiting factors that she despises. Moreover, compared to her male counterpart, she is more able at socializing, as she moves freely as she sees fit through the background.

As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. The Moon is associated with our moods and emotions. The Moon has been a symbol of femininity since ancient times. Your Moon sign gives continue reading indication of the way you like to do things and how things generally come your way. Sagittarkus a Sagittarius Moon, your life is filled with optimism, adventure, and a bright-eyed sense of discovery.

Not because people don't want to get close to you, though! With their wit, sense of humor, and roster of thrilling adventures, Sagittarians are very popular with others. A Sagittarius moon sign will add a bit of charisma to even the most uptight and reserved sun signs. The problem comes from one of the most common Sagittarius moon traits: difficulty committing. Having a Sagittarius moon sign means that you often see close relationships particularly romantic ones as smothering.

Instead, you prefer a wide circle of acquaintances for whom you never feel the need to make compromises: if one of them is unhappy with your choices, you'll just jump to the next person. If your sun sign is known for loyalty, you can often overcome this fear of commitment, but, whatever your sun sign is, prepare yourself for nervousness when things start to get serious with someone else.

It's just how Sagittarius moon signs are. If you've ever felt that certain characteristics of your sun sign don't fit your personality, it might be because you're not taking your moon sign into account.

Your sun sign usually dominates your personality, but moon signs also influence who you are. Below are brief personality overviews of each sun sign paired with a Sagittarius moon. The combination of Pisces' ultra-loyal attitude and tendency towards tears with Sagittarius' happy-go-lucky, carefree ways can create a Pisces who is a little bit happier than most, or a Pisces who struggles to form long-term connections on top of everything else.

No matter how the two signs mesh together though, these people are often highly creative, a gift from both their sun and moon signs.

Want to learn more about the Sagittarius sign? Check out the 5 key Sagittarius traits , both positive and negative, that you should know about. How compatible is Sagittarius with each of the other astrology signs? Our guide to Sagittarius compatibility ranks how well the centaur sign gets along with all the others. Still learning about the astrology zodiac symbols?

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How to Write an Amazing College Essay. A Comprehensive Guide. Choose Your Test. What Are the Astrology Moon Signs? Sagittarius Moon Traits What does having a Sagittarius moon sign mean for your personality?

Sagittarius Moon Sign: How You View Yourself Your moon sign has a significant impact on how you think of yourself and, if you have a Sagittarius moon sign, you generally like yourself a lot perhaps even a little too much, as Sags are known to be a bit arrogant at times. Moon in Sagittarius woman is optimistic and have a very idealistic emotional nature. Something inside you is drawn to adventure, travel and even living in a foreign country or even having a relationship with someone from another culture.

Heavy responsibilities can feel very restricting for you, causing you to want to escape. You enjoy philosophizing, discussing social values, the spiritual realm and even religion. But you need to be careful, because you do have the potential to be arrogant and a bit of a proselytizer. A woman with moon in Sagittarius can go through quite a lot of emotional turmoil. Influenced by mutability, she wishes to go with the flow of the society, but deep down inside she actually wants to have an individualistic lifestyle.

The latter gets the highest priority. It is usually seen that a woman is cleverer than the man in utilizing the positive side of moon in Sagittarius. So, her partner should be gracious enough to let her say her point, even when she is not correct.

Overall a sweet and generous person, the Sagittarian moon woman holds integrity as key. If she has any sense someone is testing her or manipulating their relationship, she will run. The best partner for her is someone who is open, trustworthy, and passionate. Together, they can travel, debate, and create together without harm. With an overwhelming optimism to match their bubbly personality, the Sagittarian woman may appear naive at times.

This is especially seen when they are young and making poor relationship decisions. She often gets caught up in the details of the debate, instead of focusing on the whole picture. This can cause many around her to see her as arrogant or stubborn. If this then turns into disrespect, the Sag woman can quickly shut off her feelings and tear down those around her. Learning to harness her impulsivity is challenging for her, but it will be a worthwhile and necessary lesson to learn.

Some people are taken aback by her detachment and restlessness; they cannot understand how she would rather leave loved ones to pursue adventure over connections with her friends and family. Unfortunately, this is the nature of the Archer. Another drawback of the Sag woman is her brutal honesty. She is known to be blunt, saying exactly what she means and not always thinking before speaking. While some enjoy the entertaining sarcasm of a Sagittarius, many find it tactless.

She struggles to censor her words and has to continually work on straddling the line between funny and offensive. The Sag Moon woman will not settle for just any partner. She will seek relationships that are beneficial to her personal, mental, or spiritual growth. Common partners that she will seek include:. One thing you must be aware of when pursuing a romantic relationship with a Sag Moon woman is that she will never accept strict boundaries or close-mindedness in a partner.

She yearns for stimulation, both mental and physical, and must retain her freedom while in a relationship. When a Sagittarius girl is born while the Moon is passing through her sign, she is guaranteed a life of adventure and risk-taking. She has no reason to fear any obstacles that get in her way, though, because she is literally born with the ability to overcome them with ease.

Her destiny is one of challenges, exploration, and discoveries. The Archer is innately drawn to adventure, always wanting to roam. The Sag Moon woman travels often and continually looks for ways to make their days interesting — from craft projects at home to attending social events to throwing parties. The Sag Moon woman struggles when dealing with boredom and routine. The Moon in Sagittarius woman does not seek adventure and activities just for enjoyment.

She takes on projects, travels, and work that helps her learn something new. Rarely does she accept an undertaking that does not teach her something new.

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