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Facebook has been used by almost every person all over the world and holds a significant amount of our personal stuff including pictures, videos, personal information, notes, business pages, groups and lot more. So, integrity with vall things is very important dating truly philippines leaking out of any of the personal data can possibly hurt reputation, image, career and even life. Where Facebook helps to connect people turnkey dating site different grounds, images and give them a common platform to share cwll, views and idea. This u the reason why Facebook has become fqcebook essential to prove your online existence. There how can i call facebook many cases when you need to contact Facebook team like if someone spamming your account or if your profile has been deactivated or if you want to report any infraction, request deletion of your account or any other issue that can only be resolved by Facebook team. But when it comes to contact with senior authority, reaching them becomes quite read article. Same is with Facebook, you need to contact Facebook team in order to resolve your issues and to have the proper and direct assistance.

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Now, Facebook holds a facehook amount of our personal stuff. Our Facebook account 6 month curse our pics, videos, important notes, groups, very trusted friend circle, business fan pages, etc. These two are major problems because of which we might need facehook get in direct contact with the Facebook team read more get their direct assistance. There could be many other situations because of which you might need to contact Facebook such as, if someone spamming your profile, if your profile got deactivated, if you want to report an infraction, modify category facebok your fanpage, request permanent deletion of your account, etc. So, today I am sharing with you contact form, email addresses, phone number and postal address by which you can reach Facebook for faster reply and much effective assistance. You may also contact Instagram if you are having some problems there.

How to Contact Facebook Support & Get Help Quickly ()


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Help Go here. English US. Manage contact uploading with the Facebook app. Facebook will upload your contact s from your device if you have continuous uploading turned on. How do I source my contacts to Facebook from my mobile phone or other accounts? Learn how to upload your contact s to Facebook from your mobile phone or email account. How do I contact Facebook for help with payments in messages?

Need support for your FB posts? Need support for your FB page? Need support for Instagram? In these cases, it sure would be helpful to have dan list of contact forms to get Facebook support. Facebook, on the other hand, has over contact forms for just about every problem you could run into while using Facebook.

If you find a question similar to the one you want to ask, and it's still active, then you can add details about your issue to help others working on the same problem.

If you only find old or closed threads, you can use the Ask a Question button to post a new question. For those looking to establish themselves as experts in the Facebook community , browsing the unanswered questions section will give you opportunities to help others. Stay connected with the following pages and be sure to jump into conversations when there are posts related to topics you have questions about. For those looking to establish themselves as experts in the Facebook community, watch for questions on posts by the official Facebook pages and jump in to answer them when you can.

When you have a problem and need to contact Facebook support, I suggest taking multiple avenues to get it resolved. If you submit the appropriate contact form on Facebook, ask the official Facebook Help Center Community, and start a discussion on a relevant official Facebook page post, you'll likely get the support you need. Be sure also to tap into resources outside Facebook, such as Facebook user groups on other networks and people you know that are Facebook savvy.

View Hide comments Back to blog. Facebook support. For all other Facebook support needs, please read below. Updated: January Wondering how to contact Facebook support to get help? Or privacy Or maybe you're a parent trying to adjust settings on your kid's account Or maybe your profile got disabled for no apparent reason and you need help getting it back.

Facebook has over forms for just about every problem you could run into on Facebook. If you think this is an error, please tell Facebook more. Accessibility for People with Disabilities - This form is dedicated to issues specific to accessibility and assistive technology. Account Disabled - Ineligible - Only submit this form if your account was disabled for violating Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. If you can't access your account for a different reason, please return to the Help Center to find the appropriate contact channel.

Personal Data Requests - How to get personal data if you have an account, if you don't, or if you can't access it. Request Access to the Mobile Partner Portal - If you're a mobile operator employee, fill out this form to request access to the Facebook Mobile Partner Portal or report any issues you experience accessing the portal. For other issues, please use the Mobile Partner Portal case tool. Accounts Account Disabled - Ineligible - Only submit this form if your account was disabled for violating Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

Account Disabled - Ineligible - Please provide the following information so Facebook can look into your eligibility to use Facebook. Account Disabled - Ineligible - Please provide the following information so the support team can look into your eligibility to use Facebook. Account Disabled - Underage - Facebook requires all members to be at least 13 years old.

Please provide the following information so Facebook can verify your age. Impostor Account - Directions on how to report impostor profile on Facebook. My Personal Account is in a Special Memorialized State - Form when you can't login to your Facebook account because it has been memorialized.

My Personal Account was Disabled - If you believe your account was disabled by mistake, enter the following information so Facebook can investigate. There is no Facebook email address to write to directly, phone number to call, or a live chat option to reach their customer support.

They emphasize that users explore the help center to find solutions on the answered FAQs. Facebook has various social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where you could direct message customer support. There is no evidence of whether one gets a reply. The Facebook help center is quite comprehensive.

You can either search the help center for your question or read through the various sections. The Facebook help center is categorized into 4 main sections as follows: Using Facebook.

Address issues regarding Facebook use such as creating an account, how to use the home page, messaging, stories, pages, groups, events, marketplaces, how to create a charity fundraiser on Facebook, how to use Facebook pay, and more.

Managing accounts. Here you find answers to questions regarding login, password, ad preference, notifications, names on Facebook, your profile, profile setting, accessing and downloading information, how to deactivate or delete your account, etc.

Privacy and safety. In this section, Facebook provides you with information regarding the secure use of the platform. They also provide step-by-step procedures for unfriending or blocking someone. Policies and reporting. Facebook provides detailed information on its policies regarding abuse, privacy, and intellectual properties among others.

They also provide guidelines on how to report abuse, identity theft, and any other policy violation. At the end of every response on the help center, Facebook does a quick survey to find out whether the response provided was helpful. If not, you are provided with a text box where you can provide further details on how they can help. Customer Care , Advertisement , Moderator. Account , Profile , Marketplace. Pros: Friends, Important for me to contact with my family, Stay in touch with family and friends, Family, In general i get to talk to family and friends.

Facebook was started in It is a website for global social networking. Contacting Facebook team by sending postal mails is also a good option. Facebook India Pvt. Hyderabad Building no. Facebook Email: records facebook. How To Proceed? Facebook Team will not directly pick up your call you serve direct assistance.

Land to the least of your concerned department and leave your message there. Tags: Facebook Social Media.

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