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More than 4, dating service companies exist today, but for Chicago resident Geoff Anderson, it wasn't enough. After seeing his brother Steve, a year-old living with cognitive disabilities, try a handful of dating apps — to no datting — Anderson knew there was problem to solve. So Anderson and his mother, Christine, launched Glimmer, a social app designed to be inclusive of users with physical and cognitive disabilities, which can include traumatic brain injury, Down syndrome and autism. And that community is strong in numbers: According to the U. Census Bureau, there are an estimated Realdatesnow users stereo antenna hook up asked whether or not they have a disability, and can choose to show or hide that information on their profile.

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Skip navigation! Story from Health Trends. For better or worse, online dating is all about putting on an act. You hand-pick your photos and traits erview balance what best represents you and how you want to present yourself to the Tinder-verse. However, for new dating appGlimmer, it's all about honesty — especially when it comes to disabilities.

Dating app Glimmer wants to help folks with disabilities find love – Chicago Tribune


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Glimmer - The Sustainability Network, is a safe and secure network for social and glimmer dating app review sustainability awareness and collaboration. As a female-led, Australian impact startup, everything we do and plan to do is founded on our belief that we need to be kinder—to each tinder users statistics and our planet. Our mission is to inspire and empower—to take better care of ourselves, each other, and our planet by supporting responsible and ethical online communication revjew collaboration. Connect with friends, family, and like-minded people in a positive social space that cares about your digital well-being. As global citizens, we all have a valuable role to play in improving the health and well-being of people—current and future generations—and the well-being of our planet, on which all life depends. And wpp human-related activities have caused the climate emergency, we all need to be part of the solution to help regenerate and better protect revisw planet.

For lesbian adel c or for worse, dating has become increasingly dependent on swiping, matching, and shaking your phone. We live in a world of pings, messages, and alerts. The smartphone dating revolution also means its a little easier to find your niche. There are christian dating apps, farmer dating apps, dating apps exclusively for bearded men. Now, we finally have Glimmer: the first dating app that explicitly promotes inclusivity differently abled people. Anderson saw the issue. There are specific dating apps that are meant to link up people from religious communities, as well as other factors people consider while dating.

Our mission at Glimmer is to become a leading example for disability inclusion in technology and elsewhere. Follow the hashtag SoftBlackGirl on Instagram and you will be inundated with tens of thousands of ethereal posts emulating something of a Bridgerton tea p. According to the latest TikTok trends, herbalism is the new glow-up hack.

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In fact, the whole dating app market is moving more and more towards niche group targets. People with physical or cognitive challenges needed something that was open and inclusive for them as well.

Geoff, who has a masters in marketing, used his skill set to solve it. The team researched and attended conferences, speaking with patients about their wants and needs. Even just within the year olds, the prime dating app age group, there are over 38 million people living with disabilities.

The app works like this: users answer whether or not they live with a disability, and then they decide if they want that to be visible or not. They select for a few other settings as well, like age or location. They can also choose if they want to find people with a particular type of challenge, like if they want a friend who is also deaf, or also needs a wheelchair. In the mean time, the positive results have propelled Geoff into motion with next steps.

Make a difference, share your experiences and get paid. Opt-in and join Patient Worthy's panel for paid opportunities such as surveys, market research, patient advisory panels and more. More Info. Share Story. Glimmer: An Inclusive Dating App.

Patient Worthy Contributor. November 15, Rare Disease. Steve, 33, is a guy in Chicago living with cognitive disabilities. That impacts his life, but essentially, he wants the same things as most people: a fulfilling romantic relationship, companionship, friends.

His brother, Geoff, watched Steve try out a few dating apps to no avail. Steve, like many other people with different abilities, was having a hard time with the apps.

Geoff worked with his mother, Christine, to get Glimmer started. The social app goes out of its way to make room for people with physical and cognitive challenges. It just makes it a little easier to disclose information that might seem difficult to talk about on a different app.

Everything is open to discussion, right away. The app is free to download , and available over Apple as well as Google Play. Geoff was clearly onto something— the app quickly showed a lot of growth.

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