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The fundus of the uterus grows in a predictable pattern during the weeks of pregnancy. From McQuillan et al. See Atlas 4, Funie A. Click rights reserved. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company.

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Fundies A slang term for fundamental information. Farlex Financial Dictionary. All Rights Reserved. Mentioned in? References in periodicals archive? His candidature will finally reveal how much support the " fundie 's" really have.

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References in periodicals archive? Brief boycott. But opponents of Salmond on the hardline proindependence fundie ' wing of the SNP said they were 'bemused' that so many were signing up on back of Salmond's decision to run for his former job. Now, before you take me as a rightwing fundielet me assure you that, though Fundie meaning do agree with the Catholic Church's pro-life view, it does not make check this out vote Republican. A new democrat.

He played a very cruel trick on Abraham, for example, ordering him to kill his son there was a lot of eldest-child sacrifice in Old Testament times, apparently. My conversion. Sturgeon and Salmond spent 10 years modernising the SNP into a party of government but it looks very much like the fundies are back now.

Being a smart Alex isn't the way forward. Caretaker of the Year. It's too easy to scorn those who seem alien as "red staters" and " fundies " and to make our predicament an us vs.

John Ashbery, Folk Poet. Early on, I raised the ire of biblical fundies in East Texas and beyond, but I continue to believe and express that change is the only real constant. Inspired by change. And you can bet some fundie will catch the Pieta reference and complain that you're saying Jesus was gay!

Clearly Neil is a fundie and his leader has made this attack. Former rising star of independence-now " fundie " wing. The authors make no bones in equating Dawkins' erroneous bigotry with that of the anti-Darwinian religious fundies. Separation of church and state: constitutional policy in conflict. Now Swinney tries to appeal to the fundies , and has divided the modernising wing that he came from.

Both Blackford and Macdonald are " fundies ", fundamentalists who believe in flat-out independence-or-nothing, while the Salmond faction are "gradualists" with a softly-softly don't-scare-the-voters approach. Control freakery that could destroy the party. The " fundies ", as they are known, believe Salmond is past his best.

The Nats' hardliners - the so-called " fundies " - fear a challenge to Mr Salmond now would destabilise the party at a crucial time. The " fundies ", as they are known, argue he has had a poor campaign Beleaguered Salmond is on the ropes after taking a battering from all sides. The SNP's group of MSPs is now certain to contain a large number of fundamentalists, known as " fundies ", who believe Salmond has not campaigned aggressively enough for independence.

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