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Facebook does not have a public phone number that allows one to facebkok and speak directly with consultants. In the era of online support, we are accustomed to being able to get in touch with businesses with ease. Com/hel/pcontact chats, email, and helplines are now the most effective and immediate ways to reach the companies whose services we rely on every day. Have flirting app charming the case of the blue giant, however, the situation is slightly different. At some point, Facebook may get buggy and many functions facebook com/help/contact not work correctly.

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You can expect a quick response if you report your problem using this method. Managing name changes, advertising issues, unpublishing of content on your Facebook page, or a specific link ban are just some of the difficulties that may occur. Creating an account with a Business Manager is one more way to ensure you get a response. Facebook treats such accounts differently and more seriously.

Please note that not all accounts are equipped with this feature. There are no specific requirements for running a Facebook Business Support chat. Depending on the number of available agents, the option is allocated to accounts gradually. Our decision to describe this method was based on the fact that in most cases, it has the shortest response time. Chats with consultants can only be arranged by customers who are running active campaigns on Facebook. Non-advertisers must fill out a contact form instead.

Conversations will appear in Messenger, and the chat is available every day between and Additionally, there are a few email addresses you can use to contact Facebook support. Here are the ones most likely to work — keep in mind, though, that they may be deactivated over time and new ones could appear instead.

The Facebook community forum is another way for users without business accounts to get help with questions about Facebook. Signing in with your Facebook account will redirect you to the forum. Browse by category or topic to find queries. There are already countless answers in the forum since it is a few years old! Click the gray button in the upper right corner of each forum page to ask a question, then select its topic and subtopic. Publish a question and wait for answers from other Facebook users.

You might be surprised at how quickly answers can come in! Another helpful resource they provide is a set of special thematic pages. Some of them just share helpful knowledge or updates, but others allow for discussion. Sometimes, it seems almost impossible to find a way to contact Facebook, especially if your case is rather complicated. Facebook legal and technical pages are rather well-built and advanced, so it usually just takes a lot of digging to find a solution to your case. For example, if you want to report the infringement of your rights or problems concerning your trademark, it would be better, quicker, and more reasonable to use the dedicated options for reporting these kinds of issues.

Normal reports may be ignored or overlooked, but infringements reported this way or trademark issues reported via this page are what can bring you quick responses. You have to fill in more information to complete them, but they are taken more seriously by Facebook.

They often offer, free of charge, their expertise and advice for your marketing campaigns run on Facebook. It often contains a direct email from a particular employee of Facebook, so you may try your luck at replying to them directly, explaining your issue and asking for help. Ultimately, you can schedule a call with a Facebook marketing expert using this link.

This can be great for those who do not feel comfortable with using English in their communication. You may want to look for some Facebook employees — maybe even potentially those who contacted you as Facebook Marketing Experts — on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Live chat support has been missing from Facebook for many years, but now the company is testing it. US-based creators can contact Facebook Meta about any issues they are experiencing with either Facebook or Instagram. It could be anything from a question about a new feature to concerns about the status of a payout. Facebook is also planning to provide live chat support for general users worldwide, starting with those whose accounts were suspended due to a violation of Community Standards or unusual activity.

By using and tweaking method 2 above. The Support Inbox offers an overview of all reports and requests you have made on Facebook. Mine looks as follows:. The best choice is to pick the one about rejecting your ads. Clicking on it enables you to craft a message to Facebook.

Since it concerns a particular issue and is not a random, casual request, it might be seen and answered in a more personalized way even if it addresses a completely different problem now. Again, there is no confirmation that Facebook will reply and even if they do, the answer may not be satisfactory. Well, you may want to switch to… an offline form of communication.

Sending an appeal describing your problem via traditional mail may be an effective, yet a rather lengthy, way to communicate with Facebook. For starters, contacting Facebook customer service is not the easiest thing in the world.

The likelihood is that you will receive an automatic response several times, none at all, or even conflicting messages. Good luck! With over 1 billion monthly active users as of August , the. Social media is always changing cliche.

What works today may not work tomorrow, or for everyone true, actually. But finding good clients you. Kontentino s. Subscribe to have fresh social media news and access to webinars sent directly to your inbox. Kontentino Blog. Sign up. Book a demo. Kinga Edwards. Best practices , Facebook.

Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article Sections. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. There are different Facebook email address you can use to get help with different problems. These are some of the more common email addresses. Note that none of these addresses are customer service addresses—if you need support, use Facebook's direct contact forms instead.

To report a scam or phishing attempt that mentions or implicates Facebook, forward the message to phish fb. If you've appealed Facebook's decision to disable your account and need to send Facebook more information such as an ID or other document , send it to appeals fb.

If you are with law enforcement, write to legal fb. For press and media inquiries, write press fb. Facebook does not do phone support, so getting in touch with a live human is hard. The only known phone number for Meta, which includes Facebook, Instagram, and Oculus, is If you call that number and choose the option for support, you'll hear a recording that tells you Facebook doesn't offer phone support.

If you're with law enforcement, or need help with your business, developer, or advertising account, there are options in the phone menu for support. There are also options in the phone menu for marketing, press inquiries, and employment verification for current Facebook employees.

Facebook is testing live chat support for some users. While live chat is not yet available to everyone, some English-speaking users in the United States now see the option to chat with a support representative if they are locked out of their accounts.

If chat support is available, you will find the option to chat with a representative on this page. If you try to sign into your locked Facebook account and chat support is available in your area, you'll be prompted to chat with a live support representative.

Using a direct contact form is just like sending an email, except you're more likely to get a reply. Because these forms are all linked directly from support pages on Facebook, you're more likely to get a reply to filling out these forms than sending emails directly.

If you have a business that uses Facebook Checkout services, you can use chat or email support. If you don't have a business account with checkout services, this will not work.

Click the Education tab and select Contact Support. Select the issue you need help with and type your message. Choose either Chat or Email and choose Send. If you chose email, you'll get an email response. If you chose Chat, a Facebook Messenger window will open and a support representative will join the conversation. Business accounts can also send messages to Meta for Business.

Media partners have a direct support form. Get advertising advice from a Facebook marketing expert. Facebook Meta has multiple official Twitter accounts. If your issue is serious enough, someone at Facebook might contact you in response to a tweet —this has happened for a few different people in Reddit forums. Unlike contact email addresses and phone numbers, Facebook's physical mailing address is public.

If you have a LinkedIn account , you may be able to reach out to a Facebook employee who also has LinkedIn. There is absolutely no guarantee that a Facebook employee will reply to a message on LinkedIn, but it's worth a shot. Unfortunately, it does not have a publicly available customer support number. A number with the area code that frequently shows up in online sources as being linked to Facebook is actually a scam number. Not Helpful 67 Helpful In general, no.

However, if you use Facebook ads and have an active ad account, you can get live chat support by going to facebook. Not Helpful Helpful Some contacted me claiming I won money through a Facebook promotion. Is this real? Facebook does not run a lottery, give away money, or ask for bank or credit card info for any reason. This is a scam. Do not reply to the message. Not Helpful 44 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

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