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Fall into the Underground and fall in love with Sans the skeleton! You can also befriend others along the way! Have fun spending more time with the monsters you've grown to love! Thank you for taking the time to check out my passion datinv This is a love letter to the game Undertale!

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Absolutely amazing from start to finish. The story, click to see more, and art makes everything so perfect. I spent over 2 hours playing this game and didnt even realize it! Im in love with this game and i do not regret getting it. This was by far the most engaged I've ever been in a dating sim and I have loved every single second of it!! Congrats on making such dating novel incredible game! This is the best undertale dating sim I've even played.

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Visual novels are interactive stories. They mainly on character development and plot rather than action and gameplay mechanics. Suggest updated description. Dating dating novel or dating simulations are a video game subgenre of tinder gold ucretsiz yapma games, usually Japanese, with romantic elements. The most common objective of dating sims is to date, usually choosing from among several characters, and to achieve a romantic relationship. Explore Visual Novel games tagged Dating Datinng on itch.

You can also befriend others along the way! Have fun spending more time with the monsters you've grown to love! Thank you for taking the time to check out my passion project! This is a love letter to the game Undertale! It is a game that has truly touched me. A: No, I do not have plans to release to mobile or web.

I do not have a way of testing out mobile builds. And Dating Start! A: Ok. I'm not stopping you. The base concept is already straying way off canon. But there are five 5 LOVE interests. You know what LOVE stands for, don't you? A: Nope. Dating Start tells its story through multiple playthroughs. Or you can just end at one playthrough. It's up to you. Please note that v1. This means that everyone will be starting out with a clean slate for v1.

You can find me on Twitter! Share Copy. View All. What do you think? Development Stage. Published On. Mild Cartoon Violence. DerpyChoCho derpychocho. I loved the intimacy and sweetness of it all. I was curious so after I finished I decided to enter the game again! When Sans looked at me and told me to do whatever I wanted with that disappointed and sad face I'm telling you my heart broke. There's no way I'm resetting or killing my baby just to get the other pics and endings.

Like, I just can't. I literally sent so many texts to my friend while playing this that she'll probably block me. I don't even know who you are, creator of this game, but I freaking love you for creating this masterpiece and I'll remember you till the day I die. Seriously, if I ever need comfort or something I'll deleted my saved file and play it again. It was so beautiful from start to finish.

Thank you, really. It means so much that you made an account just to comment! I'm really happy to hear that the emotions reached you. And if anyone could feel even a drop of what I had felt while writing it, that's more than enough for me. I wrote and programmed this visual novel so that people could pick the level of affection they were most comfortable with. So if people were ready to kiss him right from the start, they had the option.

But people that wanted to wait until the end to kiss him had the option, too. And then, of course, you didn't have to kiss him at all and just share that bond and emotions with him platonically.

So, in that way, everyone's experience would be their own. And I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed your playthrough so much. LOL what a great way to celebrate! Thank you so much for playing! I hope you enjoyed the VN! I found this game about 10 months ago and it inspired me to start playing more games on this site. It's still my favorite of all of them I've played so far! Would give 5 stars if I could rate it! I still listen to the soundtrack and ambiance but I try not to reset if I can help it now lol.

I played all the routes and saved some of the art. Makes me happy. I'm glad that even after all that time, you still remember it and consider it one of your faves. Thank you so much for playing and for taking the time to leave a comment.

I'll try to troubleshoot, though I don't have a Mac. May I have a screenshot of the error you're getting? Are you downloading this on the itch. Thank you for clarifying! I believe the visual novel is actually incompatible on the itch. Can you try downloading it via the actual itch. I hope you're having a good day. I was trying to download the game on linux software but it gives me an error when I try to download it.

I'm sorry to hear that. I don't have a Linux PC, but I'll try my best to troubleshoot! What exactly is the error you're getting? Do you have a screenshot of it? This looks like it's via the itch. Can you try downloading the VN via the itch. I'm not sure if the VN is compatible on the itch. This game is amazing I loved it I'm not really a simple type of guy but this got me the arts beautiful and the endings are so good and emotional I don't really wanna go for the no love ending cause of how sad I'm gonna get but this was amazing a good way to spend almost 5 hours Thank you so much for playing and for taking the time to comment!

I'm glad you gave it a chance! And I'm happy that you enjoyed it and that the emotions reached you! I'm reading the comments and actually relating to them. I was never like, a fan of shipping or fangirls or anything but damn.

I dont even know what to say, it has become one of my favorite games of all time. Thank YOU so much for playing! It really means a lot that you decided to try it!

At the end of the day, I hoped to tell a story that could reach all fans of Undertale, should they choose to play it. It's basically from the bad ending if you keep the knife and decide to use it Thank you for playing and for taking the time to make an account to leave a comment! It really means so much that you enjoyed my little love letter to this series and this character.

I'm glad the game made you happy and that you enjoyed it! It always means so much to know what other people think. Hellooo just to say I loved this game, I did the True love ending but I wanted to do it all again , repeat the good ending, but I can't bring myself to reset after that beautiful fairytale ending. I tried to get a clean state but I wasn't able to do it :. Could you please help me? I followed your instructions but it didn't work. I'm glad you thought of it as a fairytale ending!

That's exactly the kind of feeling I was going for here, in an Undertale sort of way. You did a VERY splendid job on making this game. Looking forward for your new games!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it and that the emotions reached you! Thank you so so much for playing! Hii, I was wondering if you know how to delete all previous data and begin from a new slate but on a Mac?

I've tried just deleting them from my files and the bin, but it still keeps my old data. I'm glad you were able to find the instructions! And thank you so much for playing my VNs! I'm really glad you enjoyed them!! Ok so I played this game a long, long time ago, made genocide route and all, but I REALLY want to replay it from scratch, is there any way to detele all my saves from previous routes?

God, I can really feel the sheer amount of love definitely not LOVE and time and effort you poured into creating this game.

All the details, all the callbacks, the quality of the writing, the really genuine and heartfelt exploration of what it might look like for canon Sans to fall in love. I'm not a big Sans shipper, but do love the character in general.

I went in expecting a few good laughs about dating funny sad skeleton man, came out the other end of the True Love route having cried multiple times. I've had the window open on the The End screen for about an hour just listening to the water noises, thinking about Sans and his soulmate laying down to rest together beneath the Underground's 'stars'. I'm curious about the Secret Route, but I have no idea where I'd remotely begin trying to get there, so I think I may leave it here.

I'm not sure I have the heart to put poor Sans through anything else, haha. This is without a doubt the best fan game I've ever played. Thank you for giving us all the privilege of being able to enjoy this.

I'm happy the emotions reached you! I'll always consider this VN my love letter to Sans and to Undertale. And it means so much that the emotions I poured into this have been felt, even just a little. Regarding the "The End" screen, I'm glad to hear that you did that. I wanted the player to feel compelled to linger in the world just a little longer before having to close it.

But, of course, I will leave that up to you. And thank you for taking the time to leave a comment! Playing through this game, I felt teleported back to my Undertale phase. This game reignited my love for Sans and made my urge to read Sans x Reader stories again extremely strong.

It felt nostalgic, in an odd way, while still being unique when compared to Sans x Reader fanfics. I fully plan to get the Secret Ending after I properly reset everything and can't wait to see it. I almost wish this game had more content, as there aren't many Undertale Dating Sims in general, but at the same time, it's the perfect length just the way it is.

Thank you so much for such an amazing game! I'm glad that it reignited that for you and that you liked the writing! I really tried to keep the Undertale feeling, while still putting my own writing flair into it. I wanted the visual novel to have just a hint of a fairytale feeling. I hope you enjoy the Secret Ending, as well! Thank you for playing and for taking the time to leave a comment!

Sooo it was a really awesome game! I couldn't get to download it at my pc because of some reasons It was so touching.. Anyway back to my questions.. What I want to ask is.. Like for example we put our name [Example Lily] in the first run and then we decided to play 'ACT 2' and the game was actually do give us a option to change our name [Example Blood].. And well maybe you get what I meant So when we play 'ACT 2' and changed our name and then any of the character ask about our name we said that our name is our second name..

Doesn't that make sans or flowey think that 'us' wasn'actually 'us'? I'm glad you enjoyed and found it touching! I'm glad you managed to play it, despite the trouble! So the only person that knows that you changed your name is actually Flowey. He will comment on it and ask why you changed your name. He'll even make a callback to whatever the first name you picked was. But he still knows or believes that it's the same person playing. And the same goes with Sans. Even if you change your name, he still knows that it's you.

And that connection is unique. So having a different name won't make a difference for him. But the storyline will be changed by the way my oc past story is though But I will credit you for inspiring me for this AU! Does that mean Sans know that we changed our name? And will he mentions it too in one of his dialouge? Also is there an options in well when the game ask us about our trait of soul.. Or that the only opions they gived?

And you maybe be wondering No need to be sorry! I'm happy you're interested in the storyline! Make sure "Show extracted files when complete" is checked, then click "Extract. The characterization of all the characters is spot on and I found myself blushing and connecting to the undertale cast before me. I liked Undertake when it first came out, but I was never a massive fan of it.

Yet this piece of fan media has touched me and ignited a love for it I don't think I had before. You made an adult person blush over a cartoon skeleton like I was 14 again reading my first lemon fanfiction.

That takes skill. The writing was wholesome and made me feel like I was coming home.. I love all of them and they are my friends and family. I played through the genocide run and it broke me. I tried to play through to get the good ending again and found myself emotionally devastated when Chara made me kill Sans.

I suspected something bad would happen because of my decision to give my soul to Chara to reset the world, but I didn't know that the price would never being able to be with my love again; doomed to kill him again and again. It made me wish dearly I could undo everything I had done.

To make everything right again and never again stray from my SOULmate. I almost cried when I realized even after deleting and re-downloading the entire game - my old save was still in play. Thankfully, I found instructions here to get a clean slate- if I couldn't have found that, I might have been in a foul state of mind all day.

PS I also like how Sans seems to like the player regardless of what their true soul is. Thank you, thank you so much for playing and for your words! It means so much to know the story had that effect!

If I'm being honest, I really just poured my emotions over the page in hopes that even a drop of it would be felt. I wanted to make sure that it was satisfying and heartbreaking the first time around to those that were curious enough.

But at the same time, I needed to make it so that each repetition of a scene made it lose its impact. And I'm glad that the route and its consequences had that effect on you. But I'm also glad you were able to get a clean slate. But I didn't want that to impact how Sans saw the player. Kind of like "I love you for you" but without needing to say those exact words.

Thank you again for taking the time to comment and for playing. I'm glad the VN warmed your heart with love. I have played this game when it came out, and i just finished the papyrus game and i couldnt stop blushing!

Thank you so much for playing both Dating Start! I'm glad you enjoyed both VNs! And I certainly plan to make more VNs in the future both Undertale and originals! AAAA Awesome! This game is absolutely remarkable. I really can't say enough good things about your writing: the humor, the character voices, how sweet and gentle the romance is, how absolutely heartbreakingly palpable the moments of pining and withdrawal are.

I know another commenter mentioned it, but yes, that moment where you're seeing your own soul, and Sans sees it too, the sort of breathelssness and wonder This is a beautiful game. Thank you so much for making it and sharing it. The painful part is knowing that the True LOVE route exists and wanting to know what you wrote for it because you're a great writer and I want to see what you imagined, while absolutely not having the heart to actually play through it, hahahaha.

Just like in Undertale, you've made me too invested in the narrative of the world to be willing to satisfy my curiosity by hurting people, even if they're fictional. Thank you so much for playing and for commenting! I'm glad you enjoyed the writing! I honestly just poured my emotions onto the page and hoped that others would feel even a drop of what I felt. It means that the VN did its job. Writing the romance and the moments I needed it to be a dance.

There needed to be moments of pause and reflection It was one of my favorite scenes to write. I wanted both the player and Sans to share the same sense of wonder of seeing the player's SOUL vulnerable for the first time. Thank you again for playing and for taking the time to comment!

I appreciate the words more than you know. You absolutely accomplished this. As a writer myself, I can see the care that went into creating that vision, and as a player, I felt it. I'm glad I did, because even though it was gut-wrenching, I got to see what you, as a creator, envisioned, and I think you did a great job. Hopefully this doesn't sound too creepy, but I wanted to know your thoughts and feelings about both the story that you've created, and about Sans's story and the central themes of UT more broadly.

In other words, I was wondering, "What is this creator's lens on the more painful aspects of UT itself? How will the personal impact that UT had on her be 'translated' and constructed into this story and game? What choices as a writer and game developer will she make to reach the players? I'm going to sound like a broken record, but I really wanted to know! So I had to separate myself out from being "in" the game as the character, which is a shady thing to do, if we follow the game's internal logic.

I tend to really buy into a world as it's presented if I find it compelling, so the stress that Undertale's, I guess we could call them "metaphysics," puts on my moral core is what keeps me from ever being able to play anything but pure pacifist in UT proper although I've read extensively about the parts of the game I didn't explore and one could call that cheating;;;; Flowey certainly would.

I wanted to know what you had created strongly enough to erect that mental division, and it allowed me to appreciate something you put a lot of time into thinking about and creating. What you did with the True LOVE route is very evocative and meaningful, intimate to your specific game but also relaying a clear love and respect for Undertale's vision itself, at least as far as I understand it without being in Toby Fox's head.

I think the way you did the Sans battle was very clever and well-executed. Just wanted to mention that specifically because it stands out so much in terms of mechanics. I'm glad that you're satisfied with the True Love ending! I'm glad you think it was well developed! I tried my best to capture that Undertale feeling. But, of course, I had to put my own spin on it as well! Made me cry at one point but I'm pretty sure i got the True Love ending.

At my core I'm a soul of kindness though i do have other traits that fit me as well. I only did three play-through runs and one of those was a caused by a load. After loading up and playing the first time which resulted in no ending [I think anyways] I reset, second play-through resulted in a desktop crash a scripted one which I had to used a load, and final play-through is where i got the True Love ending. This more of personal thing for myself so take it with a grain of salt as a con but I wish the Pc insert could ask for permission before kissing Sans.

I'm glad to hear that you loved the VN! And I'm glad that the emotions reached you! It does sound like you completed True Love, yes. Thankfully, that means that you and Sans can stay in True Love and live happily ever after. SO impressed by it as a whole? Thank you so much for playing it! And I'm so glad the feelings were palpable! This truly is my love letter to this world and to these characters, especially Sans. And to know that the emotions of that letter reached so many people, that's honestly more than I could ever ask for.

I'm glad you liked my characterization of Sans! I honestly wanted the relationship to feel personal to the point where the hidden emotions burst into life! And knowing that you have that hesitation to reset We're always sad it's over, but we can always bring these characters with us.

I don't remember writing a comment about this game when i played it, but i don't mind write again about how i absolutely adore it, love it, fond of it, it gave me many many emotions and i SO cried because of it, man, i wish there was more games like " DATING START! I think I remember you commenting before!! But I definitely appreciate you commenting again! It really does mean a lot that you enjoyed the VN so much!! All in good fun, of course! So I did the no love route. I see sans through the hall, and then we battle, right?

So, when he showed me his special attack, I died in an instant. That's meant to happen? And when I die, I keep spawning in the place, the hall, this looks like an endless loop, I don't know if this actually how it goes. But anyway, this game is very amazing, I loved it a lot. I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

When you die in an instant Clicking that would kill you in an instant and send you back to the beginning. It's somewhere there on the screen. You have to click the textbox and drag it.

When I met with Chara I clicked on erase, I try to go back and click the other option but when I open the game it's all black since yk, I erased everything. How do I go back? Just sit there and wait for a bit. Chara will talk to you again and ask you to give something. If you want to go back, make sure you say YES. This is an absolute gem of a fangame. Even setting aside the main conceit dating Sans it's a wonderful love letter to Undertale in and of itself!

It manages to pack so much into its runtime, and I find myself replaying it every so often because it has the same cozy feeling I loved from Undertale. Seeing and interacting with the other characters feels like coming home, a happy little glimpse into their lives past Undertale's end.

I especially adore the roleplaying scene with Alphys and Undyne; it's hilarious while also feeling warm and affectionate, with all the love going around everyone, between the MC's pining and Undyne and Alphys's own relationship! Every character was incredibly true to themselves, up to all their quirks and mannerisms, and it makes every part of this game such a delight to read.

I can't skip over the writing of the main draw either. The way the relationship with Sans is built over multiple RESETs is so charming and feels so true, with the hints of his character we got in the original game; of course he wouldn't be that easy of a nut to crack, even with his friendly attitude.

More than that, the moments between him and the MC are written with such genuine emotion and care that it never fails to get me, no matter how many times I replay the game.

Catch me in the club crying over the quiet wonder perfectly captured in the scene where he sees MC's soul even after I've read it for the th time in a row!! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for bringing this project to life and releasing it into the world.

I'm so glad that the emotions reached you, both the Sans and non-Sans scenes! And it makes me so happy to know it was felt!

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