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If you want to date an Aquarius man, then mentally prepare yourself for an emotionally exhausting wooing period. Aquarius men may very well be the most complex zodiac signs ever to exist. They are walking talking case studies on paradoxes. When dating an Aquarius manyou will often find yourself asking sorry, египет луксор congratulate universe for signs an Aquarius man is interested as they are unlikely to express themselves often. They are men of few words sn even fewer grand gestures.

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Are you dating an Aquarius man? An Aquarius man is an unusual type of guy, verbally skilled, passionate, with the strong sex appeal, innovative ideas and he also possess a shrewd mind when it comes to business. Well, there is one thing more. An Aquarius man will become a perfect partner only when he finds the perfect woman. So, let us see how you can use a bit of astrology and a bit of psychology to understand him better and to become the one and only in his life.

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I hope you enjoy this atlanta speed dating in Dating the hard-to-read Aquarius can be challenging and confusing unless you understand him well. He leaves many potential suiters in the dust, scratching their head, wondering what the hell just happened. Was that actually a date? Was he even into me at all? But he was so flirtatious…. He has a complex persona, and it takes skill to understand him enough to attract him successfully.

If you expect your partner to be adventurous and live a fullest life, then Aquaruus man is a suitable option. As a true freedom lover, he is very independent and always on the golooking for new things and getting ready for his next adventures. No surprising at all if you find yourself having a crush on this guy — he is a charming, successful, and intellectual person. For those who want to win go here heart and keep him hookedthen have a look at our valuable tips below. Barely following the crowd, the guy born under Aquarius sign tends to live in his own world ; interestingly, that makes him mysterious and attractive.

Aquarians are big on trust and need it to open up romantically. Loyalty is big. Honesty is big. Even if he does catch feelings fast, he might hold back showing them to you.

He takes a long time to say he likes or loves someone because he needs time to bring down his tall emotional walls. The Aquarian men of the world are individualistic, and each one is uniquely themselves. Nonetheless, there are standards of values shared among most Aquarian men. The following are essential values he likely holds that you should be aware of as you date him:.

Aquarian men are good-natured and strive to work for the greater good. He is particularly drawn to group causes. Working towards a greater good together will attract him and bond him to you. He prizes alone time.

Independence and solitude are essential needs for the Aquarian guy. Allow him plenty of alone time. Even encourage it. Trust me; it will make him feel good and happy with you. He prizes intelligence and mental pursuits. He loves a partner who can talk smart with him. So be as interesting as possible when you speak. Listen closely when he talks and explains things, then share your input. Constant small talk is the quickest way to create this effect.

Romance may not be his 1 thing. He might prefer not to get caught up in the romance and avoid only focusing on you. His focus is broad by nature. Codependence cramps his style and blocks his flow. But try not to take it personally.

He needs independence. He wants to be in a relationship that allows him to go off and do his own thing on a whim. Better yet, mirror his independence with some of your own. He wants an independent partner.

He needs to drop off the map from time to time. He wants to be unusual, weird, and visionary. And he wants a partner to play within this carefree, life-loving way. To emphasize any unique, uncontrived, imaginative, creative, and eccentric qualities that you have. Sexual attraction and compatibility are essential when dating. This applies to the bedroom, too.

Bring out any quirks you have there, too. Be flirty, classy, weird, playfully slutty… whatever floats your boat. The rawness and novelty will enthrall him. You always want to keep him on his toes. He wants to figure you out, but not all at once. He loves puzzles of any kind. So be that puzzle. Enhance the effect by being intentionally mysterious. Be a bit aloof. A bit coquettish. Talk about grand things.

Never banal. Something deeper and unknown. Do this right, and he will be absolutely hooked on you. His ruling planet Uranus provides him with constant bursts of insight and a volatile flair to his emotional nature. Be ready to be kept on your toes. Things might get weird. So do your best to prepare for the unexpected. Aquarians can be scared to love, but they love hard when they do.

If you play things right when dating him, you might very well be one of the rare and lucky ones to crack open an Aquarian heart and enjoy all the stable bonding that a fixed sign like him provides. No matter what he does, he will surely find a way to make it unique as he is. He would love to learn more about your exclusive talents and interests.

You find him so on and off — is he suddenly ignoring or distant from you? Wonder which type of woman the Aquarius male gets attracted to? Well, he usually feels drawn into gals who are independent, magnetic, and intelligent; especially, she must radiate a sense of being able to doing anything without looking for men for example, Leo woman and Aquarius woman.

When being with an independent freedom lover, you need to be the same — never display any needy or clingy sign, or he will soon feel suffocated and want to run away. He only develops special feelings for someone who has been his friend for a long time. Believe it or not, friendzone is a safe place he can comfortably make his move without the pressure of commitment.

He only opens up if having much time around you and chances to getting to know your personality traits. Be fun, smart, and outgoing…and he will slowly fall for you. Play it cool or he will withdraw all of sudden! After all, he expects the romantic relationship with you is as comfortable and peaceful as the friendship of you two. Aquarius man is known for his huge love for adventure.

Family to him seems to be boring and suffocating. If you approach him with the request of making declarations of love, for sure he will escape from you. Of all things revolving around an Aquarius man, only his freedom matters him the most. Though he may be a free sprit , he has problems with responding to external pressures. His behavior will change completely once his gut feelings say that his freedom is threatened.

Try not to act clingy; otherwise, he will offer you cold shoulders and walk away from the door. Rather than forcing him to call you his girlfriend, just display the image of an independent woman and make him fall for your charms.

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