Can you hook up a fire stick to a computer

The Amazon fire stick is another great invention. The device has brought a different feel when compared link other streaming technologies. You can plug the fire stick into the television through source HDMI. The Amazon fire stick houses all your favorite content. You can carry it to every country, hotel, cwn park you visit.

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The method will differ greatly though depending on what type of monitor you have. If your computer monitor has a built-in HDMI port and is relatively new, you should be able to simply plug the Fire Stick into it, switch the Source or Input, and use it as you would on a TV. Check which type you need before buying an adapter. Here are some of the more common problems people experience when connecting Fire Sticks to monitors, along with some quick proven fixes. Your monitor likely lacks support for devices like Amazon's Fire Sticks. These devices are relatively cheap and can remove HDCP limits placed on devices and apps. The easiest option?

How To Use Fire TV Stick On A Computer Monitor


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The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a handy piece of streaming technology with a lot of features and an extremely portable form factor; you can literally put the whole thing, power supply and all, into a pants pocket and head out the door. People who travel usually have a laptop computer that goes with hooo, and taking the Fire TV Stick along on the journey seems like a no-brainer, right? Unfortunately, there are some serious obstacles in the path of anyone who wants to try this. HDMI-in has to be its own separate port, to allow video to be imported into the device, and with very few exceptions, johnny mackenzie ziegler orlando dating gadgets are designed to either output video or accept video from an outside source. Stay tuned to find out how. Link newer laptops also have HDMI to connect to external monitors, so the two should connect and just work right?

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Our Recommendation. The Best Laptops for Blender. Read More. September 25, at am. Laptop HW configuration is more powerful than sticks. What is the advantage of connecting sticks to laptop?

Karen says:. August 10, at pm. I came home from a vacation pre virus , a neighbor was watching my home. I deleted it, but what exactly did this mean?? Just wondering if she was or is using my computer? February 9, at pm. VNC is your friend and is free. Either that or Teamviewer, but from what I hear, the Firestick is just too slow for Teamviewer.

Thanks for the tip about the splitter for HDCP. That might help with a TV capture card too. Peter says:. January 16, at am. I tried casting my Win 10 Laptop and succeeded in casting my Desktop wallpaper jpg and tool bar but nothing else show up on my TV, no icons or menu etc. When I open an app like Chrome, the TV screen image does not change.

Anyone have any thoughts or ideas for a fix? April 1, at am. December 18, at am. Viper says:. April 15, at am. Ste Wright says:. December 17, at am. Laptops can only send video signals using their HDMI-out ports. This allows them to connect to external monitors and televisions and mirror their screen. So a laptop and Fire Stick are essentially designed to do the same thing.

This device converts the video output from your Fire Stick into a format your computer can recognize, and it also allows you to bypass your HDMI port and instead connect using a USB 3. Certain video capture devices allow you to simply plug in your Fire Stick and then connect to your laptop's USB 3. Others may not be compatible with the encrypted video output on a Fire Stick, so you'll need to first connect the Fire Stick to an HDMI splitter, then to the video capture device.

Some video capture devices require special streaming software to display the Fire Stick on your laptop. OBS Studio is a free program you can download that lets you easily stream.

Just hook up your device, set it up on OBS Studio, and you're good to go. Remember, your Fire Stick is designed for a TV, so if the above methods don't work as intended, use your web browser to log in to your favorite streaming apps online. Want to use your Fire Stick on a computer monitor? Unlike a laptop, connecting your streaming device to an external monitor is simple. But be aware that not all external monitors have built-in speakers, so you may need to connect a pair of external ones or headphones to hear the audio.

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That does not imply in any way that I recommend that you do this. Perhaps you have some great photographs or home movie clips on your computer that you would love to see on your TV? Well, you can certainly do this if you follow the instructions that you will see below precisely. All will become clear as you read through the article. You will need your FireStick connected to your TV and have the home screen visible.

In the top left corner of the home screen is a search facility. Use this to enter ES File Explorer and then wait for the search results to appear. When you see it appear in the results you need to click on it.

This will take you to a different screen which provides some details about the ES File Explorer. You should see an icon just below the description and you need to click on this. These are the same thing. It may take a little while so you need to be patient here. There should be an icon that indicates the progress of the downloading and installation process.

The first time that you run ES File Explorer you will normally be asked to agree to storage permission. Now you should be in the main screen for ES File Explorer. Click on this icon. The next screen will show you the network name your FireStick is connected to. Your PC has to be connected to the same network for file transfer to work. Click on this. You need to copy down this address as you will need it on the PC side of things.

Once you have connected your FireStick to your PC open up your Windows Explorer on the computer and find the files that you want to transfer to your FireStick.

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